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Banned Books

"WE HAVE FREEDOM OF SPEECH... with a few minor exceptions."

-- A Slogan of Every Dictatorship in History. Including this one.  

In April 2017, at the behest of a Holocaust Museum in Israel, Amazon banned whole categories of books, mainly on Holocaust Revisionism.
They were eventually followed by other marketplaces, until the censorship became virtually total (as in totalitarian).
In protest against this violation of a free press, Progressive Press offered a few key titles for sale here.
(We basically didn't sell any.) They were 

Breaking the Spell, by Nick Kollerstrom
The Bad War, by M S King
Debating the Holocaust, by Thos. Dalton
The Holocaust: an Introduction, by Thos. Dalton
The Hoax of the Twentieth Century, by Arthur R. Butz
Tell the Truth & Shame the Devil, by Gerard Menuhin

As "private companies" Amazon and Barnes & Noble are allegedly not bound by the 1st or 14th Amendment guarantees of freedom of speech or equal access. Strange. As a private person you can't refuse to rent a room in your very own home to someone on grounds of race -- but could you refuse a historian, or anyone whose political views you disagree with? 

This is not to say that I subscribe to everything in the above books, which I do not have time to read. 

I've tended to be agnostic about Holocaust Revisionism. I figured that if Wall Streeters like Prescott Bush put Hitler in power, why not pin the blame on them for all the suffering during the war, rather than to try and diminish it. 

It is also honestly quite challenging to reconcile the conflicting claims about the holocaust into one's own coherent conclusion. We don't even know what's going on in Syria today -- how can we really be sure what happened in the Third Reich?
That, however, is a great argument against banning further research!

Germany and Judea were locked in a propaganda war from the 1930's. In a sense, the holocaust debate is a continuation of that conflict.
The victors always write the history books, but over time, it's normal to take a longer perspective. It's normal to revise history away from the heated, one-sided viewpoints that prevail during a war.

Instead, Amazon has just banned all books on holocaust revisionism. To me, this can only mean that the war on the ground is not over. The anglo-zionist empire is still on the march, and doesn't want to stop until it conquers the entire world. No need to worry about World War III, because WW2 never ended.

Truth and fairness have nothing to do with it. In the US and UK, notions of truth or equity are overshadowed by the prevailing adversary system of jurisprudence. That's bad enough, but what kind of justice is left when one adversary must be silenced? Might makes right.

I'm not an apologist for the Third Reich, either. To my mind, Hitler botched Germany's chance to have her day in the sun of history. His Germany was doing a lot of things right, it was widely admired, and even the Fascist philosophy had wide appeal, with a promise of populism and national regeneration, or simply, jobs and economic growth. If the fascists had promoted those positive features internationally, like the Communists were trying to do, they would have been embraced instead of opposed. They could have mopped the globe with the tattered flags of financier capitalism. Instead of quarreling over Danzig, the NSDAP should have funded a National Social Polish Workers Party.
Instead, Hitler preached nationalism and Aryanism. How absurd. Germany's allies were Japan, not even a European power, and Italy, not even a Nordic nation. The concentration camps held mainly Nordic types - Poles and Russians. While rounding up Jews, Hitler foolishly fantasized about an alliance with England – when it was primarily England, along with a small clique of leading Jewish bankers, who had "stabbed Germany in the back" in 1917 (Palestine for the Jews in exchange for US entry into the war, as touted by a Zionist participant to the accords, Samuel Landman). Already in 1897, the US had made a secret agreement to defend Britain, and this secret was published in a book in 1913. So US entry  into the war should have been expected.

Some may object that today's notions of diversity and political correctness were not current 80 years ago, but that is specious. Almost every empire in history has depended on multiculturalism for cohesion.
Nazism was simply a very weird construct. I still tend to suspect it was cooked up to destabilize Germany, probably by Britain's psychological warfare operations, the same people who brought you Bolshevism, Saudi-Wahhabism and Islamic Jihad. Uncanny how these ideologies so neatly deranged Britain's three chief rivals for world power -- Germany, Russia and the Muslim umma – thus isolating them from potential alliances. (The US is not a rival, it is a colony.)
While we are on the conspiratorial angle, was the Holocaust designed to realize the Balfourian bargain and be the springboard for the state of Israel? That is certainly the effect it had.

Holocaust history is not a simple subject. I really have never found the time to delve into it deeply enough to unravel. However, I have gathered some general notions on it.
First, advocates on both sides tend to exaggerate. That is what most so-called “deniers” are saying about the holocaust narrative – they don't deny there were camps, but they believe they were intended as labor camps rather than death camps. And some claims of the "standard holocaust narrative" of earlier years have indeed been abandoned. Yet in some countries one can go to jail for saying that it is exaggerated!

That brings us to the second point. Can you think of any true belief in history that had to be shored up by making it illegal to dispute it? Not a healthy sign, when "Shut up!" is your only answer.
Third, my favorite point. Does the "holocaust industry" employ the type of advocates you can trust? It seems to me that the really Big Lies of our times are fabrications from the Anglo-Zionist fake news factories.
Look at 9/11, the biggest lie of the 21st century – that is, until the demonization of Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi and Bashar al-Assad, with all the incredible fake videos and false flags we've lately seen pinned on Syria. "Bush Lied, Millions Died" -- same story for Obama.

Yes, we are still in the middle of the World War – the Anglo-Zionist War on the World – it is still going on, my friends! And the propaganda theater of the war is at its thickest.
It is a long campaign, going on since Guy Fawkes or Oliver Cromwell. Long after it's over, it may go down in history as the 500 Years War.
So, "Cheer up, the worst is yet to come!" 

By the way, one writer who did find the time to delve into this is Ron Unz of the Unz Review. He's Jewish, by the way. And he concludes that "the standard Holocaust narrative is at least substantially false, and quite possibly, almost entirely so." Fair enough. You can check him out here http://www.unz.com/runz/american-pravda-holocaust-denial/  'Tis a long read at 17,600 words, but still that's a lot shorter than a book.

Postscript July 2019

I don't seem to have sold any books on this page, but soon after it was put up, Google shut Progressive Press out of its search engine, effectively burying this website where the sun doesn't shine. The Third Rail and You Can't Fight City Hall.
Yandex didn't shut me out. And it's a better browser than Chrome, too, not loaded to the gills with advertising links. 
So I deleted my useless sales links to these books. Perhaps Google will unbury Progressive Press now, instead of progressively suppressing it?. 

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