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Anton Chaitkin

Anton Chaitkin is an historian and investigative reporter. Chaitkin has written hundreds of articles on economic and political history and current affairs. His 1985 book Treason in America: from Aaron Burr to Averell Harriman, documented the takeover of U.S. policy by "blue-bloods" from their family archives.

Like father like son: During the 1930's Chaitkin's father, a New York attorney and Jewish political activist, carried out a legal fight against Wall Street and London financiers propping up the dictatorship of Adolf Hitler in Germany, resulting in the indictment of Prescott Bush, father of U.S. President George Bush (Sr).

He is co-author with Webster Tarpley of George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography, which helped decide the 1992 election against Bush. He has collaborated with Lyndon LaRouche since 1966.