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Ballot Measures for the Occupiers of the Streets

Author bio: 
Glen Yeadon

This correspondence is directed to occupiers everywhere. I wish you all the success possible, failure is unthinkable as it will result in a hot revolution or a fascist police state every bit as brutal as Nazi Germany. You have proved the success of your occupying of public space now is the time you branch out. Some Occupiers have already taken the upper hand on this and have launch strikes and to occupying foreclosed homes.
I would like to suggest another avenue to take in branching out. A avenue that will endear you to the public and help expand the Occupy movement.


Occupy the Streets


Occupy the Ballot

I’m not proposing to back a political party. Both major parties are corrupt and in bed with Wall Street and not worthy of our support. Secondly we’re not strong enough to launch our own candidates. What I’m suggesting is passing our own laws by the ballot initiative and register people to vote. You can really piss off the right wing wackos and have a sudden impact by going into states that the radical repulbicon governors have engaged in voter suppression and register voters. The ballot intiiative is an option in approximately half the states. We would need to contact an attorney to be sure the measures are properly written and would pass constitutional muster. Once properly written for one state they could generally serve as templates for other states. Once we’re able to place these measures on the ballot we’ve already won because those bastards are going to have to spend money to defeat them. The first rule of gorilla warfare is you make it too expensive for the enemy to continue. I’ve selected a number of issues that receive support from several occupy groups and present a reasonable chance of success in passage. The exact numbers are not important and are open to debate. I feel that they should be set high enough to be somewhat inflammatory to the nut cases yet low enough that they don’t materialize as a roadblock to passage. The following is my list of a dirty dozen measures we could place on the ballot of about 26 states.


1. The measure would require banks to dispose of all foreclosed property within 90 days at a public auction on the property site directed by the sheriff. The bank would not be allowed to place a minimum bid on the property and would be required to accept the highest bid. The bidders would be restricted to people that currently own no restate and agree to live on the property for 10 years. Thus slimballs like Romeny, who wants to speed up the foreclosure process would be eliminated from the bidding. Moreover, the bank would have to forgive any claims against the former owner, he would be free and clear of debt. To see the potential of this measure please read the short article by following the link below.


2. All mortgage holders would have the right to view the original mortgage they signed every five years. The bank would have thirty days to produce the document. If the bank failed to produce the document, the bank would have to relinquish all claims against the property and turn over a free and clear title to the property owner.

3. Presentation of mortgage or foreclosure irregularities the attorney general would be required to file charges against the bank. The bank would be fined $1,000,000 per each case. If the same bank was guilty of more than 3 cases the attorney general would arrest and prosecute the top senior management at the bank including the board of directors. Finding of multiple irregularities would result in fines of $250,000 and 10 years in prison for each violation.

4. Allow the state to collect a surtax of ten percent on tax filers with income exceeding one million dollars to be used as seed money to start a state bank. North Dakota already has a state bank.

5. The profits of the bank would be earmarked for education eventually leading to free tuition. Could you imagine how much money and clout this bill would take away from the too big to fail banks and Wall Street? California allows for ballot measures and alone represents an economy on scale with many countries.

6. Passage would amend the state constitution to overturn and nullify any measure or law that inhibits or hinders in any way the organizing of a union, inhibits or hinders in any way the operation of a union or restricts the right of free speech and the right to assemble of union members, including right to work laws.

7. Raise the minimum wage to $15.00.

8. Limit temporary workers to 3 weeks only before requiring the company to replace them with full time workers. It would also restrict the use of temp workers to 2% of the workforce of any site or department within the company.

9. Would allow the state to levee a five percent tax on all employers with more than 10 employees that fail to pay their employees a livable wage. A livable wage would would be defined as a of 50,000 plus adequate health insurance and a defined benefit pension. Would allow the state to levee a progressive wealth tax of 3% on people with net worth of more than one million dollars up to ten million and 5% from ten million to one hundred million and 10% of any amount over one hundred million.. The funds would be used to expand the food stamp program, low income housing, heating assistance , WIC and provide grants to students attending state colleges and universities.

The need for this measure is critical the maximum amount of food stamps for an adult in Oregon is $200 that works out to just $2.22 per meal for 3 meals a day. Washington county is arguably the riches county in Oregon being the home of Intel, Nike and several other multinational corporations yet the waiting list for low cost public housing is approximately 8 years.

10. Ban the practice of fracking as environmentally unsound.

11. Would restrict the state from using or doing business with any business owned by the Koch brothers and divest all state pensions of any Koch brother companies.

12. The Big Daddy. This is the hard way to do this but constitutional amendments can be brought to congress with 34 states.

I Proposed amedment to end corporate personhood

Section I

The rights given to the people as set forth by the constitution and its amendments can not be construed to apply to any corporation or business entity. All business entities are paper creations of society and as such have no rights under the constitution or its amendments with the exception of the rights granted to them in this amendment; business entities only retain a conditional privilege to operate. A privilege, which can be revoked as, set forth in this amendment. This amendment applies to all business entities regardless of country of origin.

Section II

Any business entity foreign or domestic with sales exceeding one million dollars or with sales or manufacturing facilities in two or more states will henceforth be required to obtain a federal charter of incorporation within one year of passage of this amendment and conforming to the guidelines set forth here. The charter shall be for a period of 50 years, however, the right to operate is granted on a year to year basis only if all taxes , federal, state, and local are paid in full. The granting of the charter comes with the obligation to pay taxes to this government.

Section III

Congress is given the right to alter the terms of all general charters, however congress cannot extend a charter beyond the limits set forth here. No charter will be granted to any business entity in which their revenue exceeds one hundredth of one percent of the federal budget. Business entities exceeding that limit must be broken into two or more companies within six months. Nor will any charters be granted that does not restrict the operations to a single economic activity or business.

Section IV

No business entity will be granted any relief or compensation in the event that environmental laws or other laws that prevent the full use of its' property if they apply to the general public such as zoning laws.

Section V

Business entities are given the right to sue and the right to be sued. However, the operating officers and governing boards can and will be held responsible for any gross, continuous, or frequent violations of any laws. Gross, continuous or frequent violations shall hereby be defined as more than three violations of the same law within any two-year period. Congress will establish prison terms of not less than five years for the operating officers and governing board of directors for violations of labor, environmental and general law. No immunity from prosecution will be extended beyond the rights of the common citizen to the operating officers and governing board of any business entity in either criminal or civil law.

Section VI

No one individual can serve on more than one board of directors.

Section VII

Nor can a business entity deny or restrict the constitutional rights of its employees including warrantless searches and invasions of their privacy. Further, no business entity may initiate legal proceeding against citizens or groups of citizens including labor unions opposed to the operation or expansion of that entity unless there was criminal activity on the part of the group.

Section VIII

The rights of citizens to sue business entities cannot be limited or restricted in any manner including the awarding of damages. Juries will have the sole discretion in awarding the amount of damages

Section IX

All shareholders will be responsible for unpaid debts up to the limit of their investment. Operating officers and members of the governing boards can be and will be held responsible for any debt without limit.

Section X

Nor can any business entity employing more than 50 people ever be granted any public monies or aid not available to the common citizen of that district. The government cannot extend its credit for the use or assume the debts of any business entity.

Section XI

State and federal agencies may inspect any business entity at any time without a need for a warrant. In case of a lawsuit, no corporate document enjoys the right to privacy. Once entered into a court case the documents become a public record. Nor can the case and records be sealed by the order of the presiding judge.

Section XIII

No law passed by Congress or no treaty approved by Congress can overwrite the terms set forth in this amendment. This amendment would need be repealed before it can be voided.


13. The proposed ballot to amend the constitution eliminating money as free speech.

Free speech is limited to the speech and actions of a natural born person only. Money is not free speech.