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Been Dead Bin Laden

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John-Paul Leonard

What a farce...


The Ministry of Propaganda strikes again with their usual trumpery and nonsense. This must have been a fun, easy piece -- a few minutes' scribbling for their imaginative press release whizzes.

One thing we know for sure bin Laden had ZERO to do with 9/11, that was controlled demolition by Larry Silverstein. And one thing we are pretty sure of is bin Laden died of kidney failure almost 10 years ago. And the other thing we are 100% sure of is "Al-Qaeda" is CIA, and the USA, UK and Israel are 99% of the terrorists out there. With False Flags Flying Forever.

So now he's dead when does the killing stop, when they've razed Afghanistan and Pakistan to the ground?

If you believe Obama on this you'll believe anything:

"A small team of Americans carried out the operation with extraordinary courage and capability. No Americans were harmed. They took care to avoid civilian casualties. After a firefight, they killed Osama bin Laden and took custody of his body." An intimate yet heroic little picnic.

Then, after promising to bury their old agent according to Islamic rites, they changed their minds and supposedly dumped his body in the ocean! That should put a wet blanket on the paparazzi.

All a bit like the old Nasrudin joke:

Mulla: In the heat of battle I cut the enemy's leg clean off with one stroke!

Teahouse companion: Wouldn't you have done better to cut off his head?

Mulla: That, friends, had already been done.


Regarding the mode of burial, note this curious error in the abcnews article:

"Bin Laden's body is being handled in accordance with Islamic practice and tradition, one senior administration official said. He is expected to be In his address, the president invoked the memory and imagery of the 9/11 attacks."

He was expected to be what? Evidently the liars tripped over their own traces here -- unable to spin fast enough to stitch up the holes in their own fantasy.

Islamic burial rites according to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islamic_funeral:  "Burial of the dead body in a grave. Positioning the deceased so that the head is faced towards Mecca." Kind of hard to do at sea.

The spinmeisters patched up their indiscretion here, managing to slam Islam again in the bargain:


"U.S. officials told ABC News that the last thing they wanted was to create a burial place which could become a terrorist shrine. To avoid that, bin Laden was buried at sea." So they produced a cement box and told the crew on an aircraft carrier it was Long Been Dead's Body. More of a Mafia style "burial" than an Islamic one!

Priceless comment from "Cajun Maverick" at the first ABC News story:  "Where is the long-form death certificate? lol"