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Black Magic; The Return of the Grim Reaper and the Population Crisis

Author bio: 
Richard Cottrell

Welcome to my readers' quiz. Please answer the following three questions. What is the connection between the following observations?

1) “The [black] plague bacterium could develop drug-resistance and again become a major health threat. The ability to resist many of the antibiotics used against plague has been found so far in only a single case of the disease in Madagascar, in 1995”. [Wikipedia)

2)“The genetic code of the germ that caused the Black Death has been reconstructed by scientists for the first time. The researchers extracted DNA fragments of the ancient bacterium from the teeth of medieval corpses found in London.

They say the pathogen is the ancestor of all modern plagues.”(Nature magazine, October 2011)

3) “The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s heading up to about nine billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.” Bill Gates, speaking at a TED (“Ideas Worth Spreading”) 2010 conference.

I guess someone was bound to notice eventually. It turns out that the Great Plague that we think of as the ravaging beast of the Middle Ages is not extinct but merely sleeping. What better as a kwik-fix to prick the swelling global population boom, once and for all?

The first wave of the plague struck Europe with hurricane force between the years 1348 and 1351. So terrible and fast was the mass extinction of life that we remain steeped in deep-seated cultural dread of the swift and silent death that began with a boil or an abscess and left the victim dead within hours or a few days later.

In the Venetian carnival folk-lore the sinister plague doctor with the long beaky nose is a reflection of the real medicine man who tended the afflicted. His double appears in countless examples of popular cinematic culture; Terry Gilliam’s superb Baron Munchhausen, in a notable example, where he doubles as the soul-harvesting Old Nick.

I am with the great Russian Academician and iconoclast Immanuel Velikovsky (1895-1979) who argued that we all carry transmitted race memories – like a DNA code - of traumatic episodes buried in our collective past which brought the human species close to extinction. (The universal recollection of a Flood, planets ‘fighting’ – near-collisions – in the skies close to earth).

The entire spine chilling mystery horror show genre, books, films, TV dramas, draws on our latent genetic nightmares of the greatest catastrophe in the modern human history book.

Given there were no accurate population records at the time, the first strike of the bubonic plague carried off between thirty and sixty per cent of the of the European population. Starting from a tally of 450 millions or thereabouts, the Grim Reaper (another embedded cult image from the times) accounted for 100-125 million deaths.

Successive waves of the plague continually repressed population and economic growth and indirectly led to the massive and lasting curse of industrially organized religion as a suffocating and deadening force on the human mentality. Black Magic proved a powerful recruiting serjeant for the Popes of Rome and their message of ignorance disguised as a heaven-sent curse. Marx was spot on concerning opiates.

Mind you, those figures are modest compared to the ten to fifteen per cent of nine billion that Gates carries around in his head.

I can’t imagine that Microsoft Man has read much Plato. This is a pity because the whiskery old philosopher was cast very much in the Gates mold of elitism. He was really the grand pappy of eugenics. In the Republic he cheerfully proclaims the necessity to cull the lumpen proletariat when their numbers swell too much for the comfort of the cosseted classes..

He preached the art of the noble deception of the populance, in their own interests as perceived by the elitist ruling class..

No wonder he is the ruling patron saint of the Neocons.

Having no cure, the authorities occasionally resorted to extremes; in one of the great False Flag incidents of the 17th century, the London Plague of 1666 was extinguished by means of putting the whole city to the torch. (The Great Fire of London). It was blamed on a fire in a bakery that ran out of control. That kind of thing happened every day and nobody burnt St Paul's Cathedral down.

Practically everyone knows that the bubonic plague was spread by infested fleas embedded on rats who were then transported around the world by the technological miracle of the age, the sailing ship. In terms of classical economic theory, then without these first primitive birth cries of the New World Order, the rise of the global merchant trader, then the contagion would have been isolated and contained.

But this just a fraction of the story. The pathogen Yersinia pestis is nothing less than the ancestor of all modern plagues, according to Professor Johannes Krause from the University of Tubingen, Germany. He informs us that all current strains circulating around the world are directly related to the original Pandora’s Box of bacterium.

The research team form several countries obtained their samples from a plague pit in East London. Skeletons were dug up and their teeth particularly examined for clues to the DNA structure of Yersinia pestis. These were found quite quickly in decayed blood trapped in tooth cavities.

Why now? In scientific terms, this is kiddy stuff. Of course this Jurassic Park of medical research opens up is the prospect of a cloned version of the plague which could be released at will to cull populations around the world. The ultimate kill switch, there being no known antidote.

We have been warned often enough..

The release of the AIDS virus for example, which has proved extremely virulent in Africa. The fatal 'flu jabs. The Thalidomide patent pain killer responsible for horrific birth deformations back in the 1960's. More recently the designer concoctions emerging from Frankensteinian laboratories like the US army’s chemical warfare centre at Fort Dettrick in Maryland.

Whether it was the manufacture at such a place of a viral contaminant (unknown to science and immune to all treatments) that caused the great poisoned cucumber scare this spring, we cannot be certain. But the affair sure had all the appearances of a trial run, just like the other experiments I have just listed involving live human beings.

One begins to see another reason for all those hutted encampments springing up all over America at the behest of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), not to mention ex-Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura’s discovery of pyramidic heaps of cheap coffins, stacked against some apparently imminent catastrophe.

Science and technology unfortunately bears a long history of astonishing breakthroughs that might benefit mankind yet are invariably enlisted by the military-industrial complex and its political companions, as mass weapons of destruction. Consider as a short list the forging of iron on a mass scale as a consequence of the Industrial Revolution, railways, the international combustion engine; heavier than air flying machines; anti-biotics that undermine and destroy the immune system.

And of course, splitting the atom.

Scientists are always telling us that they cannot work within moral confines because that would amount to censorship of experiment and discovery. What we do with their science is not their affair. This is a crude argument and I beg to differ otherwise.

With modern science we confronted with men who behave like gods, a view which the great rationalist and seer H.G. Wells (War of the Worlds) finally adopted just before his death in his famous essay 'Mind at the end of its Tether' (1945). The huge magic roundabout called the CERN particle accelerator is a monument to colossal scientific arrogance that he came to despise.

Whether it really is a portal to a kaleidscope of alternative universes is beside the point, except in the sense no-one knows what the consequences will be if it is. Likewise, the release of a modern mutant of the black plague might not be as easily contained (as presumably Mr Gates and his friends in their gated castles might assume), due the multiple influences of human degradation on the environment which have occured since the Middle Ages.

In other words, a mass extinction event.

Aldous Huxley, were he alive today, would regard the grave robbing in London as the final conclusive evidence of man's divorce from himself. So I suspect would Sigmund Freud, who died in a great state of depression concerning (wo)man's eventual destination..

I have the feeling that another kind of atom has just been metaphorically split, as a direct consequence of another bevy of well-intentioned boffins digging around in a charnel pit containing the remains of those who died in awe and terror 650 years ago.

A ready cure for cancer, based on natural organic compounds, has been around for centuries. The Big Pharm complex and their pals in the medical radium industry have made sure that stays locked in the cupboard.

In our drugged state of media-induced ignorance, we allow the scientific caste to unbottle the genie of the Black Death without as much as an ounce of consultation and they get away with it. Again.

"Those whom the Gods would destroy, they first make mad." Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.