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Cameron’s Slave Shops: All Work, No Pay

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Richard Cottrell

I have been warning anyone who will listen for quite some time that David Cameron’s Britain is rapidly evolving into a first class proto-fascist state.

When the general election in 2010 left the Conservatives short of a clear majority, they turned to the centrist Liberal Democrats to form a government. There was talk of humiliation, the podgy chinless wonder Cameron having failed to ‘pull it off’, forced to haggle terms and so forth. It was baloney then and it is baloney now.

In terms of forging a one-party state, the Conservative-Liberal coalition was manna from heaven. The Liberal leader, Nick Clegg (familiars are now de rigueur in British politics, in the wake of the Great Tony) has the magnetic pull of a trappist monk with a severe throat infection.

Having herded the Liberal sheep into the Tory fold, where they immediately began to revel in the ripe fruits of office, Clegg slipped into a state of suspended hibernation, where he has remained ever since.

The Liberals, it should be remembered, have not served in any peace-time British government since 1917.

This explains why the steady advance of the proto-fascist state - the huge increase in university fees in order to ration education, the massive increase in total surveillance systems, Stasi laws encouraging neighbors to spy on each other, recruiting children as ‘public wardens’, paying people to have spy cameras fitted in their homes – gathers pace without so much as a dry cough from the junior coalition partner.

The next stroke of luck was the utter shambles in which the opposition Socialists found themselves trying to select a new leader. The contest was necessary because Gordon Brown, the caretaker leader in the short interregnum period that followed Blair’s resignation, was no more acceptable to British voters than a wet day at London’s famous Oval cricket stadium.

The contest was a splendid farce. Two nearly identical brothers, Edward and David Miliband, both members of the outgoing Labor cabinet, conducted a highly personal scrum for the job. To the astonishment of the pundits, the virtually unknown ‘Ed’ Miliband won. His brother Dave went back to his day job dressing as though he had been blown through the window of a charity clothing store attached to a cannon ball.

Miliband Senior has ensured that ‘Labor’ is right behind ( and ‘right’ is the appropriate term here) the government whenever it comes to anything that involves the curbing of civil liberties. For instance, the brutal crackdown on rioting ‘anarchists’ (chiefly deep state agents provocateur) sees the token socialist benches in parliament weeping rivers of crocodile tears for the fate of private property.

Whenever ‘Dave’ is in trouble – the recent vote in the Commons forced by back bench troublemakers demanding a Euro referendum being a good example – then Ed and his minions gallop to the rescue. The evolving one-party state ensures that the British people will never get a chance to say if they want to escape from the chains of the miserable EU gulag.

The Liberals and the Labor opposition are in a bind.

This is because the backlash from the summer and autumn riots, the fire-bombing and looting of ‘private property’, the threat of ‘anarchists’ bent on destroying law and order, actually goes down a treat with middle class opinion. Even as they are squeezed to the pip to pay the banksters' poker losses, the decisive swathe of the electoral class begs for tougher tactics to root out this threat to society.

These were precisely the tactics the rising National Socialists used against communists and the Jews in Germany.

There’s even talk of bringing back flogging. I wouldn't be surprised if this were conducted in public. Soviet-style internal exile – forcing so-called troublemakers to move permanently somewhere else in the UK – already exists. The powers of the courts are being steadily clipped. Soon hearings will be held at which neither the accused nor their attorneys will be allowed to see the evidence against them.

This will apply in cases where the ‘national security’ is at risk, a vague phrase which means nothing at all. The government can decide when to invoke interests of the state for any reason whatsoever. Just recently the CIA forced the sovereign British government to put legislation through parliament which requires secret hearings in any affairs that touch on sensitive American interests.

Big Brother Britain really bared its teeth with an announcement that slave labor is to be legalized.

The Guardian newspaper revealed that the country’s unemployed youths are to be sent to work in supermarkets and cut-price stores for up to two months. They will not be paid or guaranteed a job.

This brilliant wheeze to upholster the profits of giant companies who are often significant contributories to Conservatives’ campaign funds, goes under the truly Nazified heading of ‘work experience programs’. Of course it won’t stop with shops. If stacking shelves with corn flakes amounts to work experience, then I am a Dutch tram driver.

The only thing these unfortunates are likely to learn is that every night, every supermarket in the UK sends tonnes of perfectly edible fresh food - meat, fish, vegetables, fruit - to garbage dumps. This is the madness of consumerism.

The British government is mobilizing a work force that will not be fed unless they work for free.

The austerity program which is now being forced on the British people by ‘Boy George’ Osborne, the former(ish) stock market gambler who is now Finance Minister, will automatically increase unemployment, as surely as night follows day.

The figures demonstrate how Boy George is working wonders. The UK unemployment rose by a stunning 129,000 between July and September to 2.62 million - a 17-year peak. The overall unemployment rate is 8.3%, a statistic that is artificially low because it excludes all those who have fallen off the job ladder altogether.

The ‘true’ rate is somewhere between 9.5 and 10.5 per cent. There are some economists who speak of 11%. If one feeds in work that is illegally performed below the minimum wage, and there is a lot of it about when mouths are hungry, then I would hazard an educated guess that unemployment plus underemployment is in practical terms at least 15%.

What is really astonishing about the official figures is that the unemployment total among 16-24 year olds – the forthcoming ‘Tesco Generation’ - hit a record high of 1.02 million over the same reporting quarter, equal to a jobless rate of 21.9%.

Within the EU, only Spain, Greece and Italy report similar figures. And they are classed as deeply troubled economies.

Karl Marx coined the phrase the ‘reserve army’ to describe the unemployed. He observed that the bourgeois classes encouraged unemployment because it enabled manufacturers to screw wages down.

He wrote those words in exile in London. What might he say now, with nearly a quarter of Britain’s youth without a job or likely to find one that pays real money anytime in the near future?

The reserve army is back in strength. The difference is that in Marx’s time, work could be found, so long as you were prepared to accept appalling conditions and subsistence wages that might be the bare minimum for a man to feed his family.

Marx did not actually visualize that people will be forced to work for nothing at all, unless they were in prison.

Going back to two hundred years to the Poor Laws, there was something like this. The destitute (which usually meant the elderly) were forced into state-owned Workhouses. There they performed endless menial drudgery for little more than a bowl of thin gruel. Husbands and wives were segregated, an awful penalty for those who had already lost everything else including their dignity.

The weird, distorted logic was to make conditions so unendurable that the impovershed would do anything to keep out of the Workhouse.

The luckier and fitter were set to work on mending the roads, for which they might earn a scrap of bread.

In eighteenth and nineteenth century England poverty was regarded as a transmittable disease. Something like that exists in the mind of Cameron and his sidekick Osborne. Both are loaded, do not understand real work – having never performed any - and sprang from the pampered nurseries of the one-per-centers.

But that is a generous interpretation.

Blair, a blatant social Darwinist, began the trend towards an officially recognized and encouraged underclass, who would in future perform the work of the drones in a beehive. They are the untermenschen, whose numbers are now so swollen they pose a threat to the in-born rights and privileges of the ruling classes.

Why else invent an austerity program which is specifically designed to foster unemployment, moreover in a climate where real work is erased on a daily basis by computer systems and robots? By extension, the UK may be an offshore island of Europe, but the same tactics are visible in a number of European countries including France, Spain, Germany and Scandinavia.

Not excluding the United States of MacWalmark, of course.

What do the British ‘socialists’ have to say about all this. Behold, for Comrade Ed hath spoken.

It seems that he believes in sound money, balanced budgets and paying back the debts which are destroying the British economy. The next we know, and this may not be an idle jest, he may be in the government.

In Oxford, city of dreaming spires and England's oldest university, 'they' are fitting compulsory listening devices to every taxi cab. Apparently its to verify disputes about fares. Nothing to do at all with all those seditious thoughts entertained by the resident egghead scholars and their licentious proto-anarchist, anti-government students.

George Orwell, who wrote Nineteen Eighty Four, was an Englishman.

Richard Cottrell