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Greece: Tragedy Is The Word For It

Author bio: 
Richard Cottrell

The Central Intelligence Agency thinks there may be a military putsch in Greece, thanks to all the turmoil as the Wall Street readies itself to bury Greece under the salt, just like Carthage. Well, those folk in Langley, Virginia should certainly know. In 1967, the CIA and NATO installed a fascist junta led by a group of obscure junior officers, following a NATO blueprint called Prometheus to 'forestall a communist coup.' This was the usual smokescreen. The Greeks, in the form of a mild liberal-socialist administration, started making noises about savoring the pleasures of neutrality and Greece pulling out of NATO. Unthinkable. So for this, fascism was re-introduced to European soil. For the next seven years the cradle of democracy found itself under the heel of sadistic soldiers who butchered and tortured their own citizens by the thousands. The whole sorry tale is in my new book about NATO's secret armies (coming from Progressive Press this autumn, see below). It will not surprise me in the least if something very like it really is cooking up right now in the shadow of the Parthenon.

I have been thinking on these lines since the Greek crisis erupted. This is a country where 'the west' traditionally intervenes at a heavy price to the Greek people. Think of the Greek Civil War between 1945 and 1949. Like the Spanish Civil War it was marked by appalling cruelty, as government troops and the powerful resistance movement fell upon each other. This pointless and deadly conflict was incited by Winston Churchill, with the aid and connivance of the United States, on the figment that Stalin was planning to seize the western portal to the Suez Canal, working through the resistance organization which took up the cudgels with such huge success against the Germans. What we have now is a fiscal equivalent of the same civil war, the looters this time are the western financial cartel, backed by the military might of the United States and NATO. Once again the action is between the Greek people on one side and authority and government power in league with foreign alliances, on the other.

The CIA and its pals in the western intelligence club will certainly spread alarming stories about 'communist' and 'anarchist' subversion and so forth. In fact, they already have. So we are clearly well into the warm-up act. More danger signals. The bail-out (translation: pillage and rape) is stuck in the traditional mire of Greek politics, which is no surprise at all, because the country is 'owned' by two rival crooked gangs, the Karamanlis and Papandreou -- Mafiosi who have been fighting each other for the last 60 years. Right now this produces an attractive ungovernable situation, in which the forces of law and order can strike with deadly precision to put things to right.

The stakes are really not much to do with Greece at all. As once said of the American vice-presidency, the Greek economy, lock, stock and retsina, is not worth a bucket of warm spit. We are watching a shadow play along the traditional lines of ancient Greek drama, in which the Gods on some faraway mount are hurling the spears and calling the action. Believe me, Greece is no Jericho. Regard the outpourings to that effect from the Wall Street Journal and other such hymn sheets of the international banking conspiracy for what they are: over-heated, hyperbolic nonsense. The stakes are the same as they were when the civil war started in 1945, and again 1967, when three little corporals bulging from badly-fitting uniforms took over the country in the middle of the night. The fate of Greece is to remain lashed to the western camp, in this case NATO and of course the lackey European Union. Every Greek citizen might be turned upside down and every last coin shaken from their pockets and purses, but this is just the shadow play I mentioned above. There is no get out of jail card for the Greeks.

There was for the crafty Icelanders. I am probably the only one so far to crack what Iceland was really about. Like the Greek shadow play, this was a Nordic saga along similar lines. The ruse was to bankrupt this little pocket state of NATO and drive it into the arms of the EU. It very nearly worked, until the Icelanders, hardly enough of them to populate a modest-sized American city, smelt a rat. Remember how the 'emergency accession talks' were suddenly the order of the day, in the wake of the crash? No more has been heard since. Icelanders refused to cower before the robber barons and instead, threw the office safe out of the window. This has not prevented the grotesque Cameron and his Dutch bullies from threatening all kinds of exquisitely painful inquisitionary punishments if the Icelanders – who remember did not personally borrow the money themselves – refuse to pay back the loans they never took out in the first place. From there it is a short step to understanding that the whole Icelandic banking collapse was nothing but a huge false flag designed and engineered by Wall Street and western intelligence, to deliberately bankrupt the country and then take it over.

The repeat matinee is under way right now before our very eyes, in Athens.

This is why the Greek government – if such a bunch of gutless Quislings can be properly called that – is behaving like a pawn shop under foreclosure: everything must go. When the looting has finished and the dust settled, Greece will be like Dixie after the civil war. Occupied, pillaged, the stuffing knocked out, supine, down-trodden, trampled over, mercilessly violated – and shamed. In Iceland, the Midnight Sun will still be shining.

The EU has become, despite all my once great hopes for it, a mirror image of the Soviet Union. States are not permitted to leave the bloc, under any circumstances. A Greek debt default would effectively amount to leaving the EU. That's what its all about. So what I am expecting is a Prague/Budapest kind of exercise. The incumbent authorities will provoke the situation to such an extent that civil order entirely collapses, according to plan and thanks to legions of agents provocateur, whereupon a request can be made to the requisite authorities in Brussels and Washington to order in the tanks and troops. As before these will be Greek forces under NATO command, so to the surface the appearance will be that of the civil power requesting aid and assistance from the military one.

The Alliance for Peace and Progress has previously overthrown one Greek government by the use of force, in 1967. During the same period it interfered interminably in Turkey, to the extent of actually provoking a civil dirty war as bad as anything witnessed in South America, the murder of a prime minister, a close shave for another, the imposition of a Nazi regime of concentration camps, and mass torture. The 'secret soldiers' who are the subject of my new book were behind all of this. A decade ago NATO demolished Yugoslavia in order to break it up into bite-sized morsels for the EU and Wall Street to swallow. No great distance from Greek shores, NATO warplanes are right now hammering Tripoli to rubble to 'save' the Libyans from themselves. When the eternal Baby Jane of Humanitarian War, one Madeline 'Bomber' Albright, announced so very recently that NATO's game from now on is the protection of resources, we are left in small doubt as to precisely what she means.

Tragedy is of course a word that we all associate with the glory that once was Greece, a pitiful rump of a place, shoddily run, as she now is. The Greeks have not exactly made a fist of what few precious resources they possess. Her natural beauties are trampled and destroyed by crude cheapjack tourism organized on a military scale. The capital is a total ecological disaster. Corruption is endemic, the civil administration a training camp for larceny. Greeks steer well clear of their policemen, and very sensibly so. There are no 'politics' as such, the labels left and right are meaningless. 'Tribes At War' is a more fitting description. It is also a country with a long history of terrorism prefabricated by western intelligence, like the famous November 17 gang, supposedly on the run for 30 years, so long they were dubbed the 'false teeth guerillas.'

But this of course is the perfect picture postcard for a 'humanitarian intervention.' The Greeks must be flogged into submission, like the peoples of the Balkans, the Afghans, now the Libyans and 'ere long in all certainty, the Pakistanis.

Richard Cottrell is a journalist , author and former European parliamentarian. His book Gladio: NATO's Dagger At The Heart of Europe will be published by Progressive Press this autumn.