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John-Paul Leonard

Being a conspiracist and all that, I was more than bemused to see this cross my screen: arch-neo-con candidates for the nation's highest office touting covert assassination capabilities on network TV!


"Newt Gingrich Advocates Assassinating Iranian Scientists as Drum Beat for War Continues at GOP Debate
GINGRICH: You know, there are a number of ways to be smart about Iran and there are also a few ways to be dumb, and the administration has skipped all the ways to be smart.
GARRETT: Could you tell us the smart ways?
GINGRICH: Sure. First of all, maximum covert operations to block and disrupt the Iranian program, including taking out their scientists, including breaking up their systems, all of it covertly, all of it deniable."

Wow. Too bad they didn't ask about the dumb ways.

The fact that such horrible stuff can be used to play for votes tells a lot about this country - about deepset ignorance and corruption of values, a shameless, even proud, "might makes right" attitude.
Old news that.

It also tells you what you can expect from the so-called democratic electoral process - a choice between neo-con and trilateral brands of the dumbed-down fascist world empire eh?

Case in point, at the Home Depot the other day.
I heard one of the workers say to his colleague, about somebody they know, that he reads the Koran.
What's the Koran? the second one asks.
It's the Israeli Bible, says the first one.

That's what your electors are like.

And that's why i've come to the conclusion there is no lasting political solution for humanity at this low level of development.
Only education and evolution can put things right.
Meanwhile we can only keep trying to inform the intelligentsia, the few with the capacity to understand what we are saying, as best we can.

The other thought that obviously comes to mind is that when you have a candidate on national network TV saying we are going to assassinate covertly because it's all deniable, how much are the denials worth? I guess the answer is that as long as they control the world media space, even a transparent fig leaf is enough.

While on the topic of elections, have you seen that  viral message going around from Warren Buffett? He wants us to each send 20 people a chain letter proposing a cut in benefits for Congress down to what we hoi polloi got.

It sounds very sensible on the face of it.
The only fly in the ointment is that it's the Warren Buffets and fellow all-they-can-eat Smorgasbords, not us taxpayers, who are having Congressmen for lunch. If his suggestions are followed, Congress will be even more abjectly dependent on bribes.

This viral email may be a veiled threat by the plutocrats to discipline their vassals in Congress by fomenting a color revolution or Occupy Congress movement against them, if they get any independent ideas. It's said that Buffett gained his huge wealth thanks to hot tips from the CIA -- inside info from industrial espionage.

It's also said that he's a terrible cheapskate. So he has worked out this viral message to get us hoi polloi to do his low-intensity terrorism for him, for free.

Alas, nought is what it seems! Twas too good to be true, wasn't it? There's no such thing as a free lunch or a buffet either without strings attached.

To put in one closing good word for democracy, though, may I share my idea for a poll?

Q. The Department of Defense (DOD) should be renamed
1. Department of Offense (DOO)
2. Department of Attack (DOA)
3. Department of Aggression (DOA)
4. Don't bother with the name, just abolish it
5. Keep it as is, I'm proud of our crimes against humanity.

(Secret: I'm voting for DOO.)