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Ethan Indigo Smith

 Edward Snowden, Patriot against Oligarchical Collectivism, Shows How to Fight Back

    Surely the Ed Snowdens of the world all ask themselves at one point or another, in one way or another however exactly phrased, ‘what is patriotism?’  Sometimes little questions turn into very big contemplations.  Occasionally simply asking the time is a very big deal.  Today, ‘what is patriotism?’ is one such question. 

     Edward Snowden had a job very much like Winston Smith from 1984, although in a different ministry or department, one that scoured the communications of all citizens, something George Orwell probably couldn’t technologically foresee.  Snowden was figuratively snowed in by information and probably the question, ‘what is patriotism?’ lingered.  If there are not any behind-the-scenes scenarios which prove this all to be a play to spoon feed us information on the Orwellian state structure to maintain a level of tolerance, than Eric Snowden is a patriot pure and simple. 
    What is patriotism?  It is all about information.  The fact that Ed Snowden shared information of relevance to all people makes him a patriot.  The reason for intelligence agencies is because information is strength.  And what is the reason for keeping secrets?
    The whole scenario is so similar to 1984 as to almost be definable through the characterizations in 1984.  In Orwell's 1984 there are four types of people; the proles, the outer party, the inner party and the brotherhood.  It’s as if Edward Snowden, a former prole, made his way into the outer party and then gave us a glimpse of how the inner party is spending our money, what concerns them and in what direction they are taking us.  And it’s as if in doing so, he became part of the brotherhood.
    In order to best understand patriotism it is optimal to contrast it with the other types of political thinking, also being four in number.  First there is information, the complex information on the erosion of our First Amendment rights and the right to go and do as we please without having to be accompanied by fed-bugs, or any information.  Let’s use fire as an example for simplicity. 
   There are the idiots who do not want to change their thoughts or opinions.  When idiots are informed of the dangers of fire, they will shut their eyes in fear and later be burned.  When zealots are told about the dangers of fire, they won’t hear the words because they are transfixed with their preconceptions and later be burned.  When elitists learn about fire, they will look and listen and later remain silent while others are burned.  In all likelihood, the elitists will have bandages ready to sell to the idiots and zealots who burn themselves, and may have set the fire to begin with. 
    Patriots learn about fire, patriots question the heat and light of fire and do everything in their power to inform others about the dangers of fire and also its potential usefulness.  If the others ignore the patriots, patriots stop until they open their eyes and ears.  Patriots will not gather fuel for the fire, their arms are crossed and they cease until the others learn.  Patriots look, listen, speak and cease to supply the fire. 
    Idiots and zealots shut their eyes and clasp their ears to new information that could possibly change their mindset about subjects as dangerous as fire.  They would rather be ignorant.  They know that asking questions risks revealing new information, which can make it extremely difficult to continue their course in the status quo, more difficult even than nursing burns. 
    Idiots storm out of rooms and flee from new information in any and every way imaginable.  They support the status quo by refusing new knowledge.  One could point out they are shackled and being played, but they don’t want to know.  The best way to convince idiots to question is to provide them with information.  Thank you, Edward Snowden for doing so.  Idiots are passive and slow to react.  It takes time to inspire questioning among them.  The best way to reach idiots is by informing them of parallels and relevant information.  
    Idiots and zealots may be frightened to go outside the cave to look and listen; patriots have to show them it is possible.  Gripped by fear, they need to see and hear what’s outside the cave before they will go outside.  Patriots may be afraid at times as well, everyone is afraid sometimes; only patriots are not afraid of obtaining or supplying any information.  Patriots are unafraid of obtaining information or speaking out on their perspective of the truth.  Patriots are unafraid of taking action or halting action on behalf of what is right.  If patriots are wary of anything, it is the outcome of the fear and ignorance of others, continuation without relevant information. 
   For more on patriotism and the four character types in the political spectrum, it's all in the book Complete Patriot’s Guide to Oligarchical Collectivism: Its Theory and Practice. It explains how oligarchical collectivism, the system described in 1984, is what we are living under today, and how we can fight back.