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Japan Quake a HAARP Effect?

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John-Paul Leonard

Fast on the heels of the Libyan revolution comes a calamity in Japan that will redouble the upward pressure on oil prices.

For many years now people like me are suspicious of the American weather weapon HAARP every time there is a natural catastrophe like a flood or an earthquake in a country the US is targeting. Way back in 2001 I wrote an article about the floods and earthquakes in Taliban-held Afghanistan.

But how likely is it the US military would target Japan? The possibility can’t be rejected out of hand.

The US is in dire straits after its financial meltdown. If it can’t raise itself up, at least it has means of bringing others down. The US is printing dollars like mad, and there needs to be some demand for them. Since oil is paid for in dollars, some analysts like Webster Tarpley believe higher oil prices are one way the “Anglo-American financial oligarchy” tries to soak up the extra dollars. It’s been shown that US vulture capitalists have been funding the recent color revolutions in Arab countries like oil-producing Libya, which has already caused a spike in oil prices.
After China, Japan is the biggest holder of the US-printed funny money.

There are some other odd things about this terrible tragedy. The earthquake was timed so the tsunami wave hit California at low tide, minimizing damage to the US. The epicenter was right on target, only 40 mi from the Fukushima nuclear reactors. Japan gets 30% of its energy from nuclear, having no hydrocarbon fuels of its own. Quake damage has forced Japan to shut down a large number of reactors, accounting for as much as 10% of its energy needs. So some of those dollars may be heading back.

The Japanese people are likely to react as Americans did after Three Mile Island, and cut back on building new plants, ensuring they remain good customers for the oil monopoly.

Why did this happen now? Nuclear reactors have been around for decades with very few accidents. It’s rumored that the biggest one, Chernobyl, was caused by the CIA. The US had supplied the software for the plant, and the CIA had put a trapdoor in the program to cause the meltdown. The timing was strategic, leading to the meltdown of the Soviet Union itself.

Manufacturing catastrophe has long been one way to play the markets. Somehow I’m reminded of the adventures of the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds in the early history of the oil business. As best I remember the story, Rothschild needed the Armenian genocide in order to fasten his grip on the oil wells of Baku, and the Young Turks who carried it out were, of course, protégés of the Grand Orient Lodge.

Today’s parallel: China has been hoping to secure oil supplies independent of the monopoly by building a pipeline from the Gulf through Pakistan to the Chinese border. Now couldn’t that be one reason the US military and special services are busy destabilizing Pakistan.

Our friend Benjamin Fulford says he was told by the ex-Japanese finance minister that Japan was threatened with the earthquake weapon if they didn't give control to the Anglo-American finance oligarchs. See youtube interview here.

Update: Israeli firm "Magma" got "anti-terrorist security contract" at Fukushima reactor about a year ago, says Ha'aretz. Not the same Israeli firm that provided "security" at key airports on 9/11.