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A Mayfair Set-up in Egypt

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John-Paul Leonard

I recently watched The Mayfair Set by Adam Curtis -
"Four Stories about the Rise of Business and the Decline of Political Power"
(not to say. corporatism or fascism:)
It's about how "market forces" (speculators) have taken the power over countries away from politicians, and increasingly so with globalization.
Thinking about the Middle East revolts in this light, and seeing Soros' hand in it, it's increasingly doubtful if there will be any betterment for common people from toppling a national ruler.
See http://www.electricpolitics.com/2011/02/the_junk_bond_teflon_guy_behin.html for the lowdown on Otpor, CANVAS, Soros, and other junk bond looters pushing revolution in Egypt.

So trying to explain the recent events in terms of US national policy interests is wide of the mark.
The marketeers just want a worldwide level playing field for their hot money flows and unrestrained speculative wealth accumulation. It's all about them getting even more rich and powerful. They have the technique of manipulating democracies down pat, and don't want to argue with any dictators.

On this reading, a program of worldwide color revolutions starts to make sense.
Perhaps the ultimate goal here is China -- to crack it open and recycle its wealth back to Wall Street.
Also Libya is a country with a very small population and lots of oil and gas -- big opportunities there.

As for my recently expressed idea that we should learn from Egypt and Gene Sharp to look for ways to turn the tables and overthrow the oligarchs, the lesson from the Mayfair Set would indicate that the place to start is by attacking the free-marketeer ideology. That seems to be pretty much what the resistance is doing in Wisconsin.

Short Synopsis of The Mayfair Set from http://www.bilderberg.org/videos.htm#Mayfair
"Adam Curtis' documentary series about junk bonds, gangster capitalism and the wholesale sell-off of British industry in the 1980s. Containing interviews with all the main characters including George Soros, Dennis Healey, James Goldsmith and Jim Slater .The Mayfair Set looks at how asset stripping, corporate raiding capitalists were allowed to shape the climate of the Thatcher years. It focuses on the rise of Colonel David Stirling, Jim Slater, James Goldsmith, and Tiny Rowland, all members of The Clermont club in the 1960s. It received the BAFTA Award for Best Factual Series in 2000."

Long Synopsis
Part 1: Who Pays Wins
David Stirling was a Scottish officer who invented asymmetrical desert warfare tactics in the North African campaign against Rommel. This was the beginnings of the SAS, the mercenary troops and dirty tricks department that tried to forestall Britain's loss of empire. Back in England, Stirling worried about the incompetence of politicians leading Britain to disaster, and hit on the plan of "executive action" by businessmen to run the country behind the scenes. This began the tide of corruption that snowballed rose through the decades covered in the film. To save Britain's military, Denis Healey pushes the sale of the latest weapons systems to the Saudis. To beat out Lockheed, it is necessary to pay bribes: "Who Pays, Wins." The deal spins off billions for Britain in many sectors. Laborite Harold Wilson is elected and immediately forced by global capital markets to retrench on promises to the working people.

Part 2: Entrepreneur Spelt S.P.I.V.
Scottish accountant and game theorist Jim Slater hits on the strategy of asset-stripping - making hostile takeovers for old-line companies, selling off assets and laying off workers to pay for the shares, thus producing profits for shareholders - and himself. He and his flamboyant Mayfair club pal James Goldsmith set about "restructuring" (but actually destroying) British industry. After Britain grants independence to its colonies, "Tiny" Rowland makes a meteoric rise buying up British investments in Africa on the cheap by bribing local rulers.

Part 3: Destroy the Technostructure
Goldsmith wears out his welcome in the UK and sets off to New York, where he becomes a raider for junk bond king Michael Milken. When the pension funds are obliged to invest in Milken's bonds to meet their duty to maximize shareholder wealth, he taps into a source of billions, and asset stripping rises to dizzy new heights. Finally the politicians strike back. Ivan Boesky and Milken are jailed for fraud.

Part 4: Twilight of the Dogs
James Goldsmith retires to Mexico and begins to piously criticize the free market ideology for destroying society, forgetting how he helped create the monster. He then returns to England and tries to buy Harrod's, but is rebuffed. Mrs. Thatcher is reeling from an attack on the pound, brought on by the deregulation she herself had trumpeted in her campaign. Her government lets Ahmed Al Fayed buy Harrod's, as a reward for getting the Sultan of Brunei to support the pound. The furious and envious Goldsmith vengefully digs up dirt on Al Fayed, who is disgusted when Parliament turns on him. Goldsmith tries vainly to mount a final grand hostile takeover, but by now, the pension funds have learned to do downsizing and asset-stripping by themselves. When John Major becomes PM, George Soros and other globalist speculators will force the government to finally abandon sterling, reaping themselves profits of half a billion. Tony Blair wins by a landslide under the "New Labor" banner, makes an immediate obeisance to "the markets," and declares the impotence of national governments in a globalized economy.

David Stirling, James Goldsmith, Tiny Rowling, Jim Slater, Edward Heath, Margaret Thatcher, Michael Milken, Ivan Boesky, Lord Denis Healey, King Faisal, Harold Wilson, Queen Elizabeth II, Dr. Hastings Banda, Ian MacLeod, The Duke of Richmond, Gamel Abdel Nasser, Lord Stokes, Lord Caldecote, Sen. Frank Church, Said Aburish, Sheikh Ahmed Yamani, Playboy's Victor Lownes, Colin Campbell, John Aspinall, Tony Benn, Princess Alexandra, Ronald Reagan, Nancy Reagan, Al Dunlap, Tom Peters, Rudy Giuliani, Robin Cook, Mohammed Al Fayed, Anthony Howard, John Major, George Soros, Tony Blair