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John Leonard

Nov. 25




A Thanksgiving present came from Amazon -- a notice that they are banning a book that details the evidence linking Israel to 9/11. The title, Solving 9-11: The Deception that Changed the World, "has been identified as a prohibited product per Amazon policy and is not permitted for listing or sale on Amazon.com." Amazon sellers are asked to remove the book from their listings within 48 hours -- or risk being themselves banned from selling on Amazon.  

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Oh well at least we don't have to go to jail for linking Mossad to 9/11 - at least not yet. How about linking Mossad or Gladio to the Paris attacks this month? Let's try and see.

July 24

Isn't Diversity Lovely, in the Land of the Free, even the Disabled (millionaire) can run for Prez. Good piece on McCain's character issues - among other scandals, he "hauls in over $240,000 a year from the Feds for military retirement, 100% VA disability, social security retirement, while all the while working full-time in the US Senate. So is he retired, or disabled, or gainfully employed? He is all three!" www.unz.com/runz/american-pravda-when-tokyo-rose-ran-for-president/#comment-892387  Presumably the triple-dipper also gets one of those blue disabled parking spaces you wish you could park in. Different strokes for different folks. Congress took away benefits from "double dippers" getting less in pension benefits than SSI payments in California! 

July 17

Eid Greetings! 

News. Now there is an agreement on Iran's nuclear power efforts, Veterans Today asks if we are going to see some action on Israel's nuke stockpile  www.veteranstoday.com/2015/07/17/iran-nuke-talks-the-good-the-bad-and-the-ugly/ 

Exclusive scoop on the covert US support for ISIS - a US spy has been caught by Turkish police on the Syrian border, carrying gold bars and electronic equipment for the terrorists. This report was picked up by Azar Mirza Beg, author of In Search of the Truth: An Exposure of the Conspiracy , from a Turkish newspaper. The story has been completely buried by Western media, even the socalled alternative media. The man, Karsten Richard Persson, an ex-Marine, claimed he got the money from an inheritance, and came to Turkey to study Islam. On June 26th he was arrested by Turkish police on the border with 2.5 kg of gold bars in a luxury car he had rented on arriving at Istanbul airport on June 20. One interesting aspect of the story is that it has been completely hushed up in the Western media. An internet search turns up only a brief note from the Pakistan Defense Ministry, in addition to the news article in the Turkish newspaper Takvim. I was just wishing for some more evidence to come out showing that ISIS is a US puppet front. More details to come.


The tallest structure in North America is the KVLY-TV mast in North Dakota. It was built in 1963, the year they killed Kennedy....
It was the world's tallest until 1974 when the Poles put up a taller pole in Warsaw, but that one collapsed in 1991... some problem with the solidarity of its members...

July 11

Syriza's Betrayal of the Greek People www.wsws.org/en/articles/2015/07/11/pers-j11.html Four days after the Greek people voted a resounding NO against the austerity package put forward by the powers that be, the "Leftist" Greek government and Parliament submitted a far worse package to the overlords. One hint why - some of the top people in Syriza are millionaires with vested interests in Wall Street. 

See also www.globalresearch.ca/prime-minister-tsipras-bailout-reform-package-an-act-of-treason-against-the-greek-people/5461846 Tsipras was already going to cave in to the bankers. He tried the referendum to give himself cover for that. Guess he forgot to get the vote fraud corporations in on the job. The whole thing is being steered by JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs.

June 28


That tune running through my head,
Is it warning me I'm dead?
"You are an automaton,
Running mindless on and on."

June 27

Israeli settlers exploiting Palestinian child labor, Deutsche Welle reports www.dw.com/en/israeli-settlements-profit-from-palestinian-children/a-18395612

June 21

Father's Day message from Webster Tarpley with details of GHWB's grandson Jeb's criminal background: JEB BUSH: HEIR OF BUSH CRIMINAL NETWORK IN FLORIDA. againstausterity.org / twsp.us

June 11. Today's quote.

"Človek je potvora naskrz preniknutá klamstvom." --  Karel Čapek. "Man is an ornery critter, riddled through to the eyes with hypocrisy and lies."

May 29. It's not cheap to live on the street.

A study found that it costs society three times as much to let homeless people stay on the street (around $30,000 a year) than to give them housing (around $10,000 a year). thinkprogress.org/economy/2014/05/27/3441772/florida-homeless-financial-study/ 

May 20. The Wall Street Work Week

"A minimum wage worker would need to work 86 hours per week to afford a one-bedroom apartment."


86 hours a week and you don't need an apartment. You need a place to sleep at work!

Seriously, 86 divided by 7 is more than 12 hours a day, every day. Plus commuting, doing the laundry, shopping etc.?
The only way to do it - back to the plantation y'all ! 

May 19. Liberal "Freedoms" only as long as you agree to Neoliberal "free" agenda?

"Britain is too “passively tolerant” and should not leave people to live their lives as they please just because they obey the law, says Brit Prime Minister David Cameron.
"At the National Security Council today Mr Cameron unveiled a series of measures that he said would crack down on people holding minority “extremist” views that differed from Britain’s consensus."
Well at least we are making enough noise for them to take notice in their smug "consensus."

Apr. 30 Mysteries of Existence

Sometimes one is asked if one believes in UFO's or extraterrestrials. It has always seemed to me that the universe is so huge -- perhaps even infinite, for all we know -- that the chance of Earth being the only planet with life on it would seem vanishingly small. Statistically, the burden of proof would seem to be on the skeptics rather than the believers. The Law of Truly Large Numbers would favor the existence of not one but many inhabited planets. According to Wikipedia, "The law of truly large numbers, attributed to Persi Diaconis and Frederick Mosteller, states that with a sample size large enough, any outrageous thing is likely to happen." The universe is as large a sample size as it gets. Certainly human existence is as outrageous as it gets! Perhaps some clever logician can prove that we do not exist?

Notwithstanding, an Internet search did not bring up any source relating the Law of Truly Large Numbers to the controversy about alien life forms. Strange. Perhaps it's because those with a "scientific" bent who are interested in such laws are UFO skeptics, while the more credulous believers in extraterrestrials are not likely to approach the question from a statistical viewpoint?

This is not unrelated to the atheist vs. believer debate. Logical thinking about the question of the existence of God seems to have become scarce since the 18th century "Enlightenment," with its Deist tendency that the Founding Fathers mostly subscribed to. While they considered the various religions to be human creations rather than absolute truths, they also considered the existence of a creator as a logical necessity. Every effect has a cause, something can not be created from nothing, and a thing can not create itself. Logical child's play.

Religionists and scientists alike are more interested in their own dogmas than in these obvious logical limits. Thus we have the paradox that believers are asking people to take the existence of the creator on faith, when it is proven in logic. Meanwhile the skeptics claim to be logical, when in fact they are faithfully ignoring the most obvious logic, being blinded by the prejudices of their own materialistic shibboleths. Confronted with arguments like "A created thing can not create itself," the "scientists" respond with mumblings along the lines of, "Well maybe somehow the universe just came into being all by itself," without the least regard for their own laws of conservation of thermodynamics or any other rules. In other words, it's a mystery and a miracle of spontaneous generation.

Deism has few friends because it is no respecter of persons. It would deflate the propaganda campaigns of the avid devotees of materialism and technology, and those of conventional religion as well.

The Deists also understood that existence is ultimately a mystery beyond the ken of human reason. The pride of modern scientists in their own IQ and reasoning powers is affronted by this. Yet how can anyone, no matter how smart, really answer a question like, "Why does the universe exist?"

Science admittedly does not even deal in truth, but in the "most elegant result." Well, the most elegant result to the question would be non-existence. A stable equilibrium of Zero, Peace and Quiet. The "scientific" answer to the mystery of being is that it should not in fact exist. No creation, no creator.

If existence itself is illogical from the root, it's no wonder life seems absurd. All the world's a stage, a play, an illusion, and we are lucky to have a chance to say our lines in our tiny corner of an immense canvas that we can only dimly grasp. On that, I think, science and religion could agree. 

Apr. 25

Texas Minutemen Bust CIA Agents with 1300 Pounds of Cocaine at El Paso Border

When vigilantes chased down a suspicious SUV and arrested two men with a huge load of cocaine, they flashed their CIA ID cards and claimed it was all part of their job. Their SUV sported government plates to back up their story. Langley pretends not to know them.  worldnewsdailyreport.com/two-cia-agents-arrested-by-minutemen-while-crossing-mexican-border-with-1300-pounds-of-cocaine/ All in a day's work.

Mar. 18

One of my pet peeves is the militarization of society. All the camo clothes for kids in the stores, all the military discounts and preferences, which make it even harder for civilian job seekers. Roads that serve military bases are paved every year, while surrounding roads serving taxpayer homes are full of potholes (or maybe not paved at all). All these costs borne by society are never shown in the official budget figures for the military. So it struck a chord when Dave Gapp (himself an old military man) sent around this link about militarization of our schools: reimaginerpe.org/node/1177

Mar. 8

Debunking Darwinism, Rethinking Evolution.

We are living in a period of rapid change or evolution of technology. Let's think about how that change occurs. Is it by random accidents, whereby we stumble by mistake onto new inventions, which then carry the day? Of course, that almost never happens. The progress we are witnessing is based on ideas.

Why should natural evolution be any different? There is no evidence for the theory of random mutations. In my view, the evolution of species is an expression of a kind of intelligence in the life force of nature.

As for "natural selection" and "survival of the fittest," this cannot explain evolution at all. Competition between individuals within each species is a constant. It is going on all the time, yet 99.99% of species are not evolving. It may help to keep the species robust, but that is it. It is when the species as a whole faces a new challenge, that we see change take place.

In fact, the principle of cooperation has contributed far more to evolution than competition has. Each one of us is a cooperative collective of millions of cells working together, not competing in any way. Cooperation is equally the life blood of all societies.

So why does the Darwinist dogma hang on so doggedly? Because it serves the power elite. It serves them to set individuals against each other, rather than facing the challenge of oppression. It is just one more of the teachings of materialism, the religion of the rich. Thus it gives pride of place to power, not to ideas, which the elite are not too good at -- so they are relegated to a mere lower class phenomenon, to be exploited cheaply.

And by the way, Happy International Women's Day.

Feb. 7

China has the factories, Russia has the oil and gas, and the US wants to fight them - when all it has are debts and jets.

Jan. 30

This guy has a point - the problem is not only the 1% & the banksters at the top, Takis Fotopoulos' Transnational Elite - there is also the top 15%, a much larger and very influential group below them that is pretty reactionary too.
I also went to an upper middle class prep school, on a scholarship, and of course the man is right, there sure is a class system in the USA.

Jan. 17, 2015

I was walking in the alley today and a homeless man was there with his bicycle and his bag for collecting bottles and his sleeping bag. When he saw me, he offered me a slice of pizza. He had got two slices of pizza somehow, and he offered me one of them.

Dec. 18. Ancient Egyptian medical knowledge rediscovered - 4500 years later: Copper is a powerful disinfectant. We could save thousands of lives for pennies by installing copper-alloy-coated bed railings, doorknobs and faucet handles in hospitals, which will hinder the spread of disease bacteria.  www.dailykos.com/story/2014/12/17/1352496/-Ancient-Egyptian-technology-may-be-our-first-line-of-defense-from-hospital-infections

Update to my notes about trying to lose weight (Dec. 7). It's often been said that the way can be more important than the destination. If losing weight is the goal and eating less is the way, well, the actual health benefits of eating less probably far "outweigh"  the desired benefit of weighing less. So hold fast, though progress be slow...

Dec. 15

"Bank robbery" has a new meaning, as Congress allows "Bail-Ins" to confiscate your deposits, next time the zombie banks stumble into the black hole they've dug with derivates ellenbrown.com/2014/12/12/bail-in-and-the-financial-stability-board-the-global-bankers-coup/  With risks like that and so-called "interest rates" at 0.1%, the mattress starts to look a lot cushier! 

Dec. 13

The IMF has just noticed that China is the world's largest economy, while the US is no longer #1 on that score. investmentwatchblog.com/china-now-worlds-largest-economy-united-states-slips-to-the-2nd-largest-economy/ 
Due to its large population, China has probably held this place most of the time throughout history.
In AD 2, China's Han Dynasty had 60 million people ancienthistory.about.com/od/china/qt/030409Chinapop.htm ,
while estimates for the Roman empire range from 46 to 54 million.  en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Classical_demography#Demography_of_the_Roman_Empire 

Dec. 7.

An amazing collection of facts or just an amazing tale? "Ebola ‘Secret Serum’ Emerged From A Soviet BioWar Lab & Monsanto GMO." By Yoichi Shimatsu  rense.com/general96/ebolasecretserum.html  The serum given to cure Dr. Brantly was from a Russian supplier, based on a century-old technique of immunizing goats with virus and using the antibodies in their blood - not from high-tech GMO tobacco or whatever. And many more amazing inside stories.

Personal notes - Keeping fit.
Last week I decided to lose about 10 or 15 lbs (5 kg) and get back in line for health reasons. I duly cut back on meals and between meals, but nothing happened. Apparently, for the usual diet of the sedentary modern man especially, cutting your calorie intake by 10% is not going to reduce your weight by 10%, or even reduce it at all. It's looking like something more like a 50% reduction is needed. Half of what we eat is sheer waste. Maybe even 70%.
That seems to have some implications for some political issues too. It undercuts the arguments of the GMO crowd that we have to poison the planet to get enough food out of it. Although I personally do think we have a population problem, it's not so much the numbers of people, but the volume of consumption and overconsumption that's the problem. Yet according to a book we've just reprinted, Ecology, Ideology and Power, it's the élite - those most ostentatious consumers - who are the ones pushing "conservation."
Finding out you need much less food to live is also reassuring. I had just been thinking how much more efficient a motorcar is, that can move its ton of weight at high speed for a few miles on a pint of fuel, compared to the puny power output the human body gives for all the food it digests. But with the right diet, it can be a little more efficient than that after all. In fact, my bod was getting fed up with being fed up.

Keeping your weight down is one thing you need to do and as you start getting old, maybe it should be easier to muster the will power, as you realize your limits. Getting old is no fun. But looked at the other way around, it's nature's way of letting us down softly. Not as good as staying young, but still a lot luckier than dying young.

If I may babble on in this vein, let me recount another small household discovery I've made. Remember how hard it used to be to get fitted sheets onto the bed in the old days? They were so snug you had to be sure to do the corner where you stood last, in order to pull hard enough to get it on. Now, fitted sheets are of more generous proportions, with elastic seams, and they slide easily over the corners. I was wondering why they did that, maybe to fit the very thick modern mattresses?
The problem, of course, is they are also loose enough to come off more easily. Now that my new sheets are a year or two old, they don't stay on at all. The elastic is getting too weak. And now I realize whence this generosity comes. Guess what. You now have to buy new ones every two years instead of every seven! The oligarchs have just found one more cunning way to gouge us common folks.

Nov. 3

Engdahl on the strange collaboration between the Pentagon and Monsanto on the Ebola virus. journal-neo.org/2014/10/26/why-is-the-pentagon-making-ebola-therapeutic-and-cdc-patenting-ebola-strains-2/ 

What was USAMRIID (the Pentagon) doing in Sierra Leone, and why did the Ebola outbreak there come from a strain of the virus from distant Zaire, 4000 km (2500 mi) away? www.globalresearch.ca/united-states-army-medical-research-institute-of-infectious-diseases-usamriid-providing-laboratory-support-to-ebola-outbreak/5407609 

Oct. 31

Our author Takis Fotopoulos writes that the "NWO" is not a conspiracy theory, it is a necessity. "A transnational market economy needed its own transnational political and economic elites to control it in exactly the same way as when the market economy was mainly “national,” His term for it is the Transnational Elite, an outgrowth of the increasingly dominant Transnational Corporations (multinationals) or TNCs, which now control the world economy.  www.globalresearch.ca/%CF%84he-transnational-elite-and-the-nwo-as-conspiracies/5410468  "As a New Scientist study has shown, today, just 1,318 core TNCs, through interlocking ownerships, own 80% of global revenues and 147 companies out of them (i.e. less than 1 per cent of the network) form a “super entity,” controlling 40 per cent of the wealth of the entire network!" 
"A transnational market economy needed its own transnational political and economic elites to control it in exactly the same way as when the market economy was mainly “national,” when the role of enforcing the market rules was assigned to the “nation state”."

Oct. 26

In little noticed comments, Obama said the Ebola outbreak in the US could be a "trial run" for a deadlier airborne disease in the future.  www.infowars.com/obama-ebola-is-a-trial-run-for-a-deadlier-airborne-disease/  So it didn't quite work this time, but thanks for letting us know what's up, Doc. Not to worry, of course -- Monsanto and the Pentagon will have the patent on it. 

Oct. 21

www.scientistsfor911truth.org/ The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), a major worldwide professional organization, have agreed to publish a report questioning the NIST study on the collapse of WTC7.

Oct. 20

drleonardcoldwell.com/2014/10/19/special-edition-please-read-cdc-whistleblower-exposes-ebola-vaccinations-containing-rfid-chips/  Ebola vaccines to contain RFID chips, those refusing vaccination will be detected and punished.
Mainstream news channels are reporting that the Ebola virus has "mutated" to become more contagious. At the same time, Monsanto has been working on a patented version of the virus, while the Pentagon has been working on weaponizing it. covvha.net/monsanto-invests-in-ebola-virus-with-d-o-d/ "Monsanto Invests In Ebola Virus With D.O.D."

Back in 2009, CLG reports from Wikileaks, the US Army lab at Ft Detrick requested viral material from Germany that would allow it to recombine and mutate the world's most dangerous viruses, including Ebola.   www.legitgov.org/Germany-Requests-Assurances-Virus-Export  The US did not honor Germany's request to promise not to weaponize the viruses. rt.com/news/197500-us-army-ebola-weapon/  "Bioweapons were outlawed in the Biological Weapons Convention of 1972, signed and ratified by 179 signatories, including Germany, the US and Russia."
To develop more powerful strains of Ebola is a crime against humanity, and those responsible should be prosecuted. 


Oct. 17. Soon the Pentagon will add flyswatters to its arsenal. Already they are swatting viruses. Obama is going to send a SWAT team to fight Ebola.
All joking aside, here's one report, entitled "Ebo-Lie," saying the main goal behind the Ebola crisis is to get troops into West Africa, after the Boko Haram episode failed to do this when it was shown to be a fake (no girls to bring back). A plausible explanation for "bullets vs. viruses". It's also to punish the diamond miners' strike in Sierra Leone. truthsector.net/2014/10/13/nana-kwame-ebo-lie/ 
This report says that it is the "vaccine" shots that are killing people, not any spread of the Ebola virus. This is a fringe source, of course. But the WHO announced that Nigeria has eradicated Ebola within its borders. And it doesn't appear to be by using vaccines. The word "vaccine" doesn't even appear in this mainstream report www.vanguardngr.com/2014/10/nigeria-defeated-ebola/

Oct. 9

People who reject mainstream conspiracy theories appear to be better balanced psychologically than those who defend them, according to a study of online comments by social scientists. The believers in the 19 hijackers conspiracy theory expressed more hostility and lack of flexibility than "9/11 truthers."  www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/

The Left studiously misses the point about the "Umbrella Revolution," even referring to China as a "self-proclaimed realm." I guess they're so used to calling Novorossiya self-proclaimed that soon the Earth will be known as a "self-proclaimed planet." www.counterpunch.org/2014/10/09/hong-kong-on-the-brink/  What to expect from the self-styled "Left."

Oct. 17

Will Pentagon add flyswatters to its arsenal next? Already the world's only superpower is going to swat viruses. Obama says he will send a SWAT team to fight Ebola.

Could Ebola be a strategy of tension operation?

Oct. 5.

The Umbrella Revolution proves to be no match for the ingrained Confucianism of the Chinese character, as protests dwindle from fatigue. Meanwhile MSM try to blow life into the flame by touting international solidarity actions - a textbook tactic, of course. 

Oct. 3. Welcome to Havenotopia

In each postwar economic expansion, the share of growth that went to the richest 10% was greater and the share for the other 90% of us was less. Finally, under Obama, the 90% of us got something like negative 17% growth during the "recovery" -- while the top 10% cashed in to the tune of almost 120% gain.  www.facebook.com/RBReich/photos/a.404595876219681.103599.142474049098533/868294406516490/ 

And guess what - almost all Senators and Congresspeeple just happen to be in the wealthiest top 10% www.occupylv.org/galleries/financial-wealth-distribution-us-percentage-congress-senate

There is a link between the growing income inequality and the weak economy. The rich are getting such a big share of income that it's suffocating the economy, since they have a lower propensity to spend, they don't stimulate the economy.
They just keep buying bonds that the government uses on deficit spending to try and shore up the economy and share with the spendthrift poor, partly.
Since there is too much cash out there to invest in bonds, the interest rate on the debt falls. Which is one way to compensate for the ballooning national debt.
I found this article interesting
Indebtedness is a global phenomenon. The world as a whole has a debt of 2.2 times GDP. So we're all in debt to the bankers and the wealthy oligarchs, not to other countries.
In fact, the political struggle between US, Russia and so on is also one between different oligarchies, none of whom really represent the common people.
It's kind of a new feudalism, the system that followed the collapse of Rome.
"There is no sign of the inflation you might expect after such an unprecedented phase of central bank money printing, and judging by still historically low government bond yields [the lowest in 600 years], very little prospect of it.
The world economy may have entered a vicious circle where excessive debt constrains demand to such a degree that both interest rates and inflation, and therefore growth too, remain permanently low."
In other words, the "global village" will resemble a poor sharecropper village in India where everyone is up to their ears in debt to the local loan shark, so they can barely survive, let alone think about economic growth.
Now isn't that exactly what the Malthusian elite want, to stifle growth, because they believe, perhaps not without reason, that there has been too much growth already, and that 8 billion people all of them driving automobiles is not sustainable for the planet? Whether by intent or design, this seems to be what is happening.
The political fracture may result from the fact that the world pie has stopped growing, so the struggle for a piece of it intensifies.
And the US empire is expert as using economic discontent to destabilize any regime that refuses to pay its share of tribute. 

What happens when the rich get tired of investing their money in 1% bonds? Will governments finally have to reign in spending?
Will  investors seek out high returns in the private sector?
Already last year, investors plunged into the real estate market, buying distressed homes to hold as rentals, and almost starting a new property bubble, ending several years of very low home prices in most areas. 
This of course only made home ownership even more difficult for millions of lower income people. 

So again, it's a feudal tendency: a no-growth economy lorded over by a moneyed aristocracy. 
Even if their bonds are paying only 1%, they have all the perks of being awash in cash while the masses languish.

The interesting thing about the move into rental properties last year may be how hot money went into a non-traditional sector, getting involved in the real economy. Lack of nobler investment opportunities made Wall Streeters hungry enough to get dirt under their fingernails by getting into slumlording.
It reminds me of the Dark Ages, when money dried up and the economy was based on barter. Kings and barons couldn't tax the peasants at all, because they had no money to pay with. They could only extract goods and services from the serfs. The court had to make the rounds from one castle to another, so the lords could live off the land, or rather the workers of the land, in each domain in turn, until one lot of peasantry was exhausted and they moved on to the next one.

The unkind cuts of in-kind tribute in our modern world: first the 1% took all the people's savings with credit cards. Then they took away the good jobs, next they took the houses. They're taking away our education, our future, our retirement, our health care. What's left? They're working on it. 

ROI is king, but return on investment might have to depart from the mundane realm of percentages. The really rich may invest in more than profitable assets, in forms limited only by the imagination. They might acquire politicians, private armies, perhaps even states or small nations.

Oct. 2. In response to David Cameron's call for the arrest of "non-violent extremists" like 9/11 and 7/7 Truthers, loyal subject Nick Kollerstrom attempts to turn himself in at Scotland Yard. A hilarious and pointed 3 minute video  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UbzkF-TWIFw  Nick is the author of the 7/7 false flag exposé, Terror on the Tube

Oct. 1. So this is how they're going to make war on China. We should have thought of that! 

"The Umbrella Revolution" -- CIA unleashing color revolution on China in Hong Kong. Remember Tian An Men Square? That was one of the earliest color revolution exploits inspired by Gene Sharp and the NGO's of imperialist subversion. 

Many hallmarks of color revolution technology - signs in English for the world media, symbols like yellow ribbons and umbrellas, a special song... the panoply of Gene Sharpean theatrics. 

MSM are giving massive publicity to "Occupy Central," just as they did with "Euromaidan" and "Free Syria." "All of SCMP's #OccupyCentral stories are outside our paywall."

www.globalresearch.ca/us-openly-approves-hong-kong-chaos-it-created/5405387 NED’s subsidiary, the National Democratic Institute (NDI), has been fomenting dissent in Hong Kong since at least 1997. "Each and every “Occupy Central” leader is either directly linked to the US State Department, NED, and NDI, or involved in one of NDI’s many schemes."

www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-10-01/china-detains-activists-adopts-wait-em-out-tactic-hong-kong-protest-swells-300000  After tear-gassing backfired, authorities take a wait-and-see approach, in the hope that people will tire of the inconveniences occasioned by the protests, leading to a loss of support.

www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-10-01/us-secretly-egging-hong-kong-protesters  Protest icon, 17-year old Joshua Wong, has been advised and financed by US Embassy. "China’s government has long been concerned that Western intelligence agencies might try to exploit Hong Kong’s relatively more open political environment to push democracy in the rest of the country."

Hong Kong’s “Occupy Central” is US-backed Sedition http://journal-neo.org/2014/10/01/hong-kong-s-occupy-central-is-us-backe... "> http://journal-neo.org/2014/10/01/hong-kong-s-occupy-central-is-us-backed-sedition/ The goal of the US in Hong Kong is clear – to turn the island into an epicenter of foreign-funded subversion with which to infect China’s mainland more directly
TIME mag: "Hong Kong shows Beijing exactly what democracy can look like."

Protests have been polite and orderly, but leaders are threatening to occupy government buildings if Hong Kong leader doesn't quit. 

www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/oct/01/china-doesnt-know-how-respond-umbrella-revolution-hong-kong "There are obvious parallels between the Tiananmen protests and the current demonstrations in Hong Kong."  

www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/hongkong/11133426/How-did-Hong-Kongs-protests-became-the-Umbrella-Revolution.html "Every protest movement needs an easily recognisable symbol."

I heard Cuba is sending about 150 doctors to Africa to help against the Ebola epidemic. And now, Obama is sending 3000 troops into the fight. Since when do you fight disease with military force, and what happens when they come back to the US with the infection?

Sept. 11. Massive billboard video on Times Square, NYC, showing the free-fall collapse of WTC7  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QhllqmXxyXM&feature=youtu.be  14 sec. 
"5:20 pm on 9/11/2001, WTC7 came down in a classic controlled demolition. The government says fire brought it down, but anyone who watches the video can see otherwise. ReThink911.org" 

Also right on time for Human Sacrifice Day, a militaristic ritual took place right in our front yard on the other coast. The San Diego school district is getting an armored car "free" from Pentagon surplus. It cost the district "only" $5000 for shipping and a big parking place for the $750,000 boondoggle machine.
They say they hope they won't use it. So why buy it? To militarize our schools?
Well, yes. They are already using it -- to brainwash kids and parents to love militarism, and buy into the state terrorism propaganda agenda in Orwell's Amerika.  ivn.us/2014/09/10/armored-vehicle-obtained-san-diego-unified-schools/ 

PS. In Davis, Calif, aggie university town in the Central Valley, citizen protests are forcing the police department to get rid of their copy of the murder machine. Critics noted such equipment was used against demonstrators in Ferguson.  www.dailykos.com/story/2014/09/13/1329436/-Davis-California-Tells-Its-Police-Chief-To-Get-Rid-Of-His-Tank  If the Pentagon doesn't know what to do with these "vehicles for protecting people from terror attacks," they could donate them to Novorossiya and Syria. 

Aug. 20. Something really weird about the town of Ferguson, Missouri, where the black citizenry has been protesting the murder of a young man by police.
It turns out that the town, which is about 70% black, gets half its revenue from traffic tickets, arrest warrants and other tricks and fines for imagined infractions by the black underclass - 3 warrants per household per year!
And blacks are barely represented on the city council, school board or police force. 
Can you blame the people for protesting? 
The response of the powers that be isn't to improve conditions, either - it's to bring armored cars - Ukrainian junta style. 

Strange thought - bloodshed in Missouri presaged the Civil War. What if the elite Color Revolution scheme to immiserate the planet is going to bite back in the same state again, in this century? with a real revolution by people of color.

Aug. 14. There is a near total media blackout on the recent theft of $7 million in cash from the Central Bank of Albania -- as there is generally on the horrific corruption and inequality in Albania, a country which is run directly by thieving politicians and mafiosi under the aegis of the US embassy. The director of the treasury (Dorian Çollaku) where the money was stolen lives most of the time in Athens.
The bank governor, Ardian Fullani, refuses to resign. Why should he. He is the privatizeer who stole Albania's prime hotel for pennies in the privatization -- the Hotel Dajti (where I stayed on my first visit to Albania in 1996) -- no doubt worth more than $7 million. And was then rewarded with this cushy post. The incompetent mafioso is being advised by the US Ambassador.
Albania's presidents, Ex-Thief in Chief Sali Berisha and Current Thief in Chief Edi Rama, are keeping mum. All the responsible officials are on vacation. People are protesting outside the bank and petitioning for Fullani's ouster.
Here's one story on it in the Anglo-American global media found by searching on 7 million stolen albania central bank: www.foxnews.com/world/2014/07/30/albania-central-bank-says-nearly-7-million-cash-stolen-2-bank-employees/ one from alternative media www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-08-07/albania-central-bank-employees-steal-7-million-cash 
For more details search on banka shqiperise vjedhja and let google translate.
Anti-corruption commentator Mero Baze's viewpoint www.gazetatema.net/web/2014/08/13/kamikazet-e-fullanit/