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Slimball Romney, Foreclosure, The Holiday Association and a Plea For the Occupiers.

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Glen Yeadon

A couple of weeks ago we were treated to another segment of the hilarious comedy God Help US, although the network promoted it as the Republican presidential debate. There was nothing presidential about it, hell, dog catcher was beyond the reach of these pathological sociopaths and calling it a debate was simply a lie. It was more like a food fight amongst a bunch of punch drunk chimpanzees.

Being broadcasted from Las Vegas, an area of the country with one of the highest foreclosure rates, it was inevitable that questions about foreclosure and housing would occur. Herman Cain responded that he would help home owners facing foreclosure by reducing bank regulations. According to no clue Herman banks fail because of regulations and not the danger of insolvency.

Mitt Romney said he would speed up the foreclosure process so speculators could buy up all the properties and rent them at inflated rates. Romney obviously was suffering from delusions of grandeur and a plan to make a vast fortune based on taking advantage of the misery of others. Well Romney should not be allowed on a stage in this country without someone standing up and shouting at the top of their lungs: “Hey, Slimball how many houses have you stolen today.” It would be mega cool if the human megaphone echoed that message back and forth in the crowd.

Moreover, Charles, Schumer and Mike Lee have introduced a bill in congress that would place an immigrant at the front of the line for green cards if they had purchased a home for $500,000 or more. The payment has to be in cash and the purchase price equal or greater than the last appraisal. That’s a slap in the face to every hard working American family and to other immigrants that are not so wealthy. I just wonder how many drug lords Schumer and Lee want in their states? It’s nothing but a cheap trick to prop up the price of real estate for the banks and realtors. It also is fascism when a government acts only to support the extremely wealthy and big business. For a history of American fascism get a copy of my book, The Nazi Hydra In America, available at amazon.com.

There is another way although, it’s not for the faint of heart. During the Great Depression, my grandpappy was an active member of the Holiday Association. The association lent a helping hand to members facing foreclosure. A group of members and the member facing foreclosure would meet with the banker and try to work something out. Usually they got threw out after being called a bunch of thugs. Then just as now the bankers didn’t want to renegotiate the loan because they were making more money by foreclosing. Simply put it was a land grab in the 30s and it still is a land grab today.

During the 1930s, the bank had 90 days or so to dispose of foreclosed property. The exact time length depended upon the state in which the foreclosure occurred. The property also had to be disposed of at a public auction conducted by the sheriff. If the bank foreclosed on a Holiday member on the day of the auction the Holiday members arrived en mass early in the morning even before the sheriff had arrived. They would post each entrance to the sale with their sign announcing that the auction was a Holiday sale and leave a couple members milling about. Everything was cool ---just don’t mess with their sign. The other members would go to the site and divide into two groups. The members known in that area would become bidders the ones not known would become Holiday marshals.

Once the auction began the Holiday members would bid a cent or two for a lot. Try as he may the sheriff was hard pressed to get a second bid and then it would only be for another cent. If a slimball, like Mitt Romney bid a dollar the nearest Holiday marshal promptly clobbered him over the head with whatever he had in his hand, a cane, a baseball bat, a harness hame or maybe just a right hand roundhouse out of hell. This would stop the auction as the sheriff searched for the slimball bidder like Mitt Romney. Soon an Onlooker would bellow: “ Hey he’s over here on the ground. “ The sheriff would reply: “What’s he doing.” The onlooker would shout: “He’s listening to the birdies sing and watching the stars twinkle.” The sheriff would then ask: Is he ok? The onlooker would reply back; “Ya he’ll live.” Once the slimball like Mitt Romney regain his consciousness he had a startling revelation, divine like almost godlike: nobody there like him, nobody there would haul his lot or help him with it and it was a long way back to town and he could get run into the ditch. So the majority of the time the slimball like Mitt Romney would renounce his bid. After that the auction proceeded at a faster clip as bidding was to say the least not spirited.

At the completion of the auction the banker looked like he had swallowed a red hot poker. The Holiday bidders would pay him their pennies for the lots they bought. Once the final lot was paid for, one of the marshals would approach the banker and invite him to GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE NOW. More than one banker had a long cold walk back to town as the roads in those days were badly rutted and those tin lizzies bounced around like jitterbugs, so ditch diving became a popular sport for bankers. With the banker gone, the Holiday members turned their lots over to their rightful owner, who was now free and clear of debt. The only payment he owed was a promise to the Holiday Association to attend at least one auction in the future a promise that was gratefully fulfilled several times over.

I would like to congratulate the Occupy Wall Streeters and the 99ers and wish them the best of luck. However, unless they can grow their number they will fail. The assholes they are fighting are the same assholes the executed a president---the JFK assassination, assassinated Rev. King and Bobby Kennedy, and have looted the country unabated and have nearly destroyed the middle class. They will not give up their power or wealth without a fight and it will be bloody. Take it from someone that choked on his share of tear gas in the 60s, you will be brought down. If the weather doesn’t bring you down then they will COINTELPRO you. I suspect that may already be occurring. In fact, I would be surprise if it wasn’t. Be extremely careful of your group being infiltrated by provocateurs’ and government agents. Moreover, you will not accomplish any meaningful change without first causing them pain. The way to cause them the severest pain is to cost them money.