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Smash and grab: Bilderberg and the Trilateral Commission snatch Greece and Italy

Author bio: 
Richard Cottrell

By Richard Cottrell

Contributing writer for End the Lie

Posted at EndTheLIe Nov. 11, 2011 -- 11/11/11

Events in Greece and Italy are truly momentous. They represent a glorious triumph for the New World Order, which is now free to trample democracy wherever and whenever the mandarins who now rule over us feel like it.

Two governments which are not sanctified by the increasingly redundant electoral process are taking charge in Rome and Athens. In both cases the new ‘caretakers’ are smart-suited quack doctors peddling snake oil brewed in the kitchens of the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Group.

Berlusconi’s sudden fall in Italy is surprising, but explainable. He was in the position of a condemned man who is escorted to a closed room containing a cocked revolver lying on a polished mahogany table. He is then left to consider his options or pick it up and pull the trigger. He chose the former.

Some time on Thursday evening, the cornered rat Berlusconi concluded the deal. First of all he will probably receive immunity from prosecution for his many and varied infidelities, ranging from serial white collar crime to sordid trafficking with hookers and an underage girl.

The Clown Prince of Italian politics has cut his last caper.

Next stop, his long prepared bolt hole in Antigua, where the infamous bunga-bunga parties will presumably continue with renewed ferocity, nourished by truck loads of Viagra flown in to keep the old boy on stout form. He won’t be lonely; thanks to the huge nest-egg he’ll be taking with him after seventeen years pillaging the system.

Oh, and he’ll even be given a gong as a parting gift for his services to the Italian people. Senator for Life.

Who sold Berlusconi down the river? The answer is the United States. About six months ago I wrote in my blog at www.progressivepress.com that the US was working to undermine Berlusconi, who had outlived his usefulness as the ever-obedient Italian troll.

Thursday’s events were the culmination of that long unfolding process. Did you see that wicked sneer on Obama’s face? Not that he had much to do with the execution, but remember the presidency is only his part time job. He is mostly kept busy answering the White House front door to the latest Bilderberg couriers bearing fresh instructions.

The new Italian public pickpocket – oops premier – is the Yale-taught Professor Mario Monti, who teaches at the great Bocconi University in Milan. The city is Italy’s real capital, its very own Wall Street.

The professor, who likes to pore over Egyptian hieroglyphs in his spare moments, once uttered the momentous phrase that he always loved politics but not party politics.

Mussolini had similar views.

He wears all the right medals. He was the free marketeer who humbled Microsoft, General Electric and Honeywell as the EU’s competition czar. Pro-Eurofed groups cling to him like fluff to a wedding suit.

One is called the Bruegel Group, which the wags say stands for Brussels and European Global Economic Laboratory. He’s the European chairman of the Trilateral Commission and long serving Bilderberger, naturally.

Officially he’s on watch to clean out the stables and then head back for the ivory towers. I don’t believe that for a moment.

Monti is the prototype of the new ‘non-political’ class destined to preside over the slide of all European states into the gloomy Hadian shades of sham technocracy.

What is going on in Rome and Athens right now is the controlled destruction of national sovereignty and the slow death of the nation state at the hands of a pack of ruthless looters.

How appropriate, historically speaking, that such ancient bastions of civilization should collapse like a pack of cards at the same time.

The Athenian Revolution was just as swift as the tsunami that swept Berlusconi away. Of course there is nothing fishy about the fact that the new Greek premier Loukas Papademos has lately vacated a warm seat as a vice president of the European Central Bank. Here’s another smoothie economist who gargles globalism like good port.

He is mostly US educated, he sat on the Boston Federal Reserve and for the past twelve years, he too has been a charmed ornament of the infamous Trilateral Commission. He’s never had trouble meeting his mortgage payments in his entire life.

Just the sort of chap who is likely to stop you in the street and demand your wallet to save the banksters from their manifold follies and their grotesque deformed creature called the euro.

The sheer audacity of the globalist raiders in Greece and Italy demonstrates that long-hatched plans swung into action. These are blatant coup d’états, not some prudent intervention by Two Very Wise Men who have nothing but the public interest at heart.

These smartly-suited gents have no agenda but the advance of globalism and especially the creation of a European Super Federation. Once they have completed their frontal lobotomies performed without anesthetic on the Greek and Italian populations, there’ll be nothing left but the shadow presence of national independence.

Who next, Brutus?

The dagger of destiny points to Portugal, Spain, Austria and Belgium. The sirens are already singing the fates of these serial debtor states. Technocracy looms for all four.

There may be different horses for courses. The UK is steadily coagulating into a one party state. Cameron’s Conservatives have swallowed the center of the road Liberals. The ‘opposition’ socialists toe the government line in all serious matters (like recently saving Cameron from a referendum on leaving the EU).

Democracy is largely a presence in all the East European euro-colonies, notably Hungary. The Prime Minister Viktor Orbán (The Viktator to people who are not his friends) has destroyed freedom of the press and implemented all the trappings of a one party state.

No-one in Brussels said a peep, except the pompous little European Council boss Herman Van Rompuy. I can’t resist saying that he looks strangely like one of the goblin clerks in the Potter wizard bank. He rushed post haste to Budapest to shake the Viktator’s hand

Poland is in a similar bind under the rule of the increasingly intolerant and dictatorial Donald Tusk.

Last year the opposition, in the form of the elitist class stubbornly resisting the Euro juggernaut, died en masse when a government plane crashed in a Russian forest near Smolensk.

The 96 who lost their lives that day included the president, the arch euro-skeptic Lech Kaczinsky.

Only Nicholas Sarkozy, so far, knows what is in store for France, but it does not look promising.

The controlled take out of the former IMF chief and heavyweight shoo-in socialist candidate Dominique Strauss-Kahn – caught, literally, with his pants down in a New York hotel – knocked out Sarkozy’s most credible opponent.

We may wish better luck on Francois Hollande, who carries the socialist banner in next year’s elections. He is the estranged ex-partner of the deliciously fragrant Ségolène Royal, who ran against Sarkozy, and lost, in 2007.

Both she and Hollande were hit by manipulated tax-dodging accusations which clearly had no other origin than the Sarkozy camp – and French home intelligence services. If M. Hollande takes my advice, he should keep a wary eye on the skies, as they say in Afghanistan.

Richard Cottrell is a writer, journalist and former European MP (Conservative). His new book Gladio: NATO’s Dagger At The Heart Of Europe is coming in January of 2012 from Progressive Press.

Edited by Madison Ruppert

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