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Take Your Seats for World War Three

Author bio: 
Richard Cottrell

The National Socialist party was set up and funded by Wall Street. The Big Daddy of the Bush dynasty, old grand-pappy Prester, a great lion of finance, was a significant fixer buzzing between the White House and Hitler's coterie. No wonder Hitler's economic programme so closely resembled the New Deal. No explanations needed how Bush presidents One and Two got the New World Order hook-up, either. Think the modern Bushes and the Bin Laden clan and you get the picture. The US wanted a strong, well-armed Germany to deter Russian aggrandisement in Europe.  America also wanted to weaken the British Empire in order to gain admission to markets from which she was excluded. The evidence is now amassing, too, that American financiers backed the Shinto fascists in Japan, the invasion and deadly occupation of Manchuria, and the build-up of the Japanese fleet, for identical reasons, this time to 'contain' China. It gets better. The Bolsheviks were also aided and abetted with US aid and encouragement to overthrow the Tsar. The reasons were, as usual, economic.
The capitalist system was beginning to boom in Russia and the US and especially Wall Street wished to control it. The rotten, antique Tsarist system stood in the way. It was the job of the Reds to crush it so that the friendly modernising Mensheviks, tools of US policy, could take over, under the puppet Alexander Kerensky. Hence Lenin shipped home from exile in France in the famous sealed train. The deal soured when unexpectedly the Bolsheviks overthrew both Tsarism and Kerensky, then started to get the upper hand in the subsequent civil war. As for Adolf he was thoroughly duped. He believed his mentors when they said it was his mission to take over eastern Europe, which he ably set about doing, egged on by the US.
When I lived in Poland, I came across some very interesting information. Take the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact. This was helpfully suggested to the Nazis by the US embassy in Berlin, although the story went that Hitler dreamt it up during a night at the opera. The invasion and occupation of Poland was equally a US-patented plan. The secret codicils prescribing the partition of Poland were known to the US embassy in Moscow, which thought it had stumbled on a right corker. The papers were sent in great haste to Roosevelt who ignored them. Nor did the US authorities bother to inform the Poles. (History loves recurrent grooves in Polish affairs. In 1981, when commander-in-chief General Jaruzelski declared martial law, the US pretended shock and horror, candles burning in the White House for the suffering of the down-trodden Poles and so forth. Well before this flood of crocodile tears, the whole scheme was shopped to Washington well in advance by a US double agent, one Col. Ryzard Kuklinski, who was Jaruzelski's own aide-de-camp. Washington's sole aim was to sell the line of a Warsaw Pact invasion as another Cold War bogey. When the Wall fell, Jaruzelski became the CIA's puppet president, which resulted in Poland's politics remaining thoroughly diseased and contaminated to this day, the background to the wiping out of much of the ruling class when the presidential plane downed in the Katyn forests last year).
After the invasion and division of Poland, the US did not of course declare war on Germany, which after all was only following the prescribed road map. The French and British, who did,  were restrained from declaring war on Russia, which committed the identical rape in due course. US policy was now to provoke a major war in Europe, the bigger the better, in order to put an end to the US slump once and for all with a massive dose of war socialism. That was the reason for the German blitzkrieg on the Russians. Again, Hitler thought he was in tune, as he was too in opening the second front in the west, which soon had a perfectly splendid war raging from the Atlantic to the Urals and the Mediterranean. Roosevelt's policy was to come in, so to speak, when a 1918 type of situation developed, the adversaries having worn themselves out. That is, more or less, what happened. By D-Day, the Reich was a dead duck. The plot succeeded brilliantly in the Far East. At any cost, Japan had to be induced to attack the US, which agents planted in Tokio arranged. The Japanese codes were, indeed, known to the British, who dumb as ever, gave them to Washington. They went straight to the waste paper basket, like the division of Poland. Pearl Harbour was a starting pistol.
The US got the chance to dominate Asia, turn Japan into a colony, contain China and design and test terrible weapons of mass destruction in real time against real people. Europe got the Marshall Plan, a complete hoax, in which European governments bought US dollars, of which the US now had a huge surplus thanks to the war, at exorbitant interest rates. They were compelled to purchase all their requirements, especially reconstruction of the industrial base, from American exporters, using the same dollars they had just borrowed so expensively. The US went into WW2 as a middling-sized power and emerged a mighty empire, conquerer of the world. America was the only state to leave the war better off than before. Thus followed the US consumer boom,  the massive boost to American technology and communications, the birth of the CIA and the military industrial complex, and Hollywood, the world's finest propaganda machine.
In order to keep the show rolling along, the US cooked up the phoney Cold War, just like the equally phoney War on Terror today.
The US is back in the quagmire again. Capitalism US style (its actually ersatz socialism) has blown a fuse. The dollar is breaking up under the weight of the gi-normous budget deficit ($13 trillion) which in real terms can never be paid off. 9/11 was Pearl Harbour Mark Two, intended to kick off WW3, for the same reasons that the US provoked WW2. The invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, and now Libya, are part of a pattern to control the globe's oil production sources in advance of the coming war. Of all the Arab oil-producing states, Syria and Iran alone have evaded US dominion, but their time will come. The target in this new escapade will be China. With China eliminated, there will be no more trouble from the Russians, or anyone else, and the world will come under US dominion, otherwise known as the New World Order. That's the script, anyhow.
What is happening in Japan right now is fully in line with the plot. The huge earthquake and tsunami were in all probability kicked off by HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral) weapons which beam high resonance ionisation streams down from lower space. The Pentagon has admitted to a programme of mysterious low space X-planes (now airborne) but whose function and purpose is not only top secret but unknown to much of the US establishment. There is compelling evidence from competent Russian sources (who are developing or already possess the same technology) that the US has tested these weapons to provoke the Boxing Day tsunami in the Indian Ocean, the following massive quake in Haiti, and recently the one in New Zealand. If you look at the headlines, you will observe that Libya now far overtakes the almost total destruction of the Japanese economy. The havoc wrought by the giant wave is infinitely less than the long term poisoning of Japan's land and sea food resources by the damaged Fukushima nuclear plant which, by co-incidence of course, happened to take the full smack. Nice shooting, especially as reliable intelligence had shown that the structure was in poor shape.  Notice, too, the absence of any offers of massive US aid to succour the Japanese in their hour of need
Flattened and debilitated, Japan is in no fit shape to resist her future role, which is to act as a major flank ready for war with China. She is being eliminated as a military power in her own right, just as she was previously tricked into getting into a war with the US she could not possibly win. She is also being eliminated as a serious financial power at a time when the dollar is under such huge stress.
All wars need an excuse, like the assassination of the Austrian heir to the throne Franz Ferdinand and his wife at Sarajevo, in 1914, which set the dominos crashing one by one right across Europe and beyond. Asia's Poland in waiting is Korea. The confabulation of North Korea as a pariah state armed with weapons of mass destruction is a question that should be properly directed at Donald Rumsfeld, who was a member of the Swiss-based ABB engineering company's board at the time when Pyongyang bought two reactors from the firm back in 2000. Mr Rumsfeld says perhaps he dozed off because somehow the deal slipped past him. However, he remembers perfectly well, since this was a deliberate US policy ploy to act as a slow burning fuse in the run up to war with the Chinese. The North Koreans fell for it. The  hardball then softball tease the Americans play in North Korea is all part of the build up.
The Chinese know this but cannot really allow the US to re-enter South East Asia as a major determining power in rivalry to China herself. If you are thinking of asking how a nation of 300 million-ish can hope to whack one of 1.3 billion last count, then think how globalism has planted all that US and other advance camps of  foreign technology all over that huge country. Then think of those massive Three Gorges Dams, straddling as they do a major earthquake fault. The dread lance of HAARP would make Noah's Flood look like a ripple in a bath tub, so far as the Chinese are concerned, if that lot gets loose. The fuss about the Chinese up to their necks in currency speculation is just so much hogwash, along with Chinese stealth fighters.  We can't be sure if the ever-inscrutable Chinese understand that they are being set up. My guess, based on some experience of working close at hand with the wily Chinese political mind, is that they do but prefer for the moment to accumulate their strength. I am reading Confucius at the moment and he would probably say, if he was around now, that the word play is nearly over and its time to expect some action.
The Falun Gong quasi-religous movement which suddenly emerged in 1992 is the Fifth Column already planted on Chinese soil, a powerful anti-party movement with a mass following and more importantly heavy backing from the US. It seems to have sprung straight from the old Vietnam playbook, as indeed does one Colonel Robert Helvey, an old Defence Intelligence Agency psy-ops man, and a great acolyte of Gene Sharp,  whose stock in trade has been culturing dissent inside China for years. Helvey is now credited as an important adviser to the Falun Gong leadership, who are clearly being encouraged to regard themselves as the replacement to the current regime, come the day. Fulun Gong's chief symbol is an inverted Swastika - a traditional Asian symbolic feature it is true, but hardly one that is lost on those who see a certain direction that modern America seems to be taking. It is the old story of backing movements like National Socialism, the Bolsheviks and the pre-war Japanese junta as instruments of American policy. When Uncle Sam is hand-feeding an organisation as potentially insiduous as the Falun, it is time to sit up and take notice.
The US needs a war to head off not so much economic collapse as total implosion as a world force. The former is considered in the imperial encampment of Washington to be containable, if painful -- but the latter, unthinkable. That is why we are sleepwalking into World War Three, and why we collectively swallow the line that carpet bombing Libya is a humanitarian crusade instead of a crude smash and grab of the country's oil.
Richard Cottrell is the author of Gladio: NATO's Dagger at the Heart of Europe, a forthcoming attraction from Progressive Press. He is a former European MP and in that capacity sat as a delegate from the European Parliament to the Republic of China.