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Why They Let Them Loot

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John-Paul Leonard

The Twitter and Facebook riots in Britain are presumably organized by the intel services, just as they were in Iran and the so-called Arab Spring.
The UK violence saved PM Cameron from a desperate predicament, by taking attention away from his involvement in the Murdoch affair.
This also facilitates the passage of more police state legislation.
That's why police stood by and didn't even arrest a few isolated looters as a deterrent - stand down orders.

Indeed it is difficult to think of any revolution in modern history that hasn't been shown or suspected to be instigated by covert action in favor of an elite agenda.
Certainly Cromwell's Glorious Revolution and the French Revolution served to give the NWO a grip over England and France.
1848 was the business of Mazzini, the agent of the British finance oligarchy. 1917 and the Bolsheviks - see Antony Sutton's work.
The Color Revolutions of this century - documented by Tarpley as the work of the Trilaterals.

Unclench that fist! You can't write, work, pray or make love with a fist.
Revolution is an illusion.