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Wisconsin Courage

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Glen Yeadon

I wish to congratulate the brave people of Wisconsin for standing up to the tyrant and are now engaged in a fight of their life. I also wish to extend this to people in other states and to urge my fellow countrymen across the nation to take to the streets and stand up for our basic rights. Make no mistake the people in Wisconsin know this isn’t just a fight for wages or benefits. They know the issue extends beyond the state line and that the governor’s bill is an assault on their basic rights and freedoms.

However, there is one part of the issue that everyone has missed or skirted and quietly swept it under the rug hoping it will go away or perhaps it is being censored.. It won’t go away because its at the very heart of the issue. Simply put it is fascism. Fascism and unions have been engaged in a battle to the death ever since Mussolini seized power in Italy. Virulent anti-unionism is one of the fourteen distinguishing traits of fascism. Furthermore unions were the first organizations that were banned by Hitler and the Nazis.

There are other connections to fascism in Wisconsin, although they are not as readily apparent. The radical governor behind this power grab was financed by the far right-wing extremist Bradley Foundation and the Koch brothers. One of the distinguishing traits of fascism is that the movement is a top down movement, making it particularly insidious and possible for fascists to seize power without a revolution and even be elected to power such as Hitler and this governor. This trait is unique and separates socialists or communist movements which are driven from the bottom up.

Furthermore according to a recent CNN article the Koch brothers’ wealth was first earned in trade with the Soviet Union and then with Nazi Germany. The article also claims the Koch brothers are related to the Bitch of Buchenwald. Note this writer has not confirmed the CNN report.

Moreover this bill which is 144 pages long contains a section that would allow the governor to sell off Wisconsin’s public utilities without competitive bids. Few people realize the Nazis banned public utilities and sold off most munis to big businesses. The large corporations regarded these public utilities as prizes since they remained profitable throughout the deep German depression. The question is do these Republicans have another depression planned for us because they sure as hell have done nothing to create jobs like they promised in their election campaigns.

The people of Wisconsin and the other states must fight on until they prevail; losing is not an option. If we lose in the streets of Madison we’ll be facing far more brutal assaults on our freedoms and liberty, and our children and grandchildren will curse us until the day they die. We’ll be facing horrors far greater than those the Nazis inflicted on the world. Those naïve enough to think that it can never happen here must be reminded that the Nuremberg Laws were based on American eugenic laws. Further we were the last country in the Northern Hemisphere to outlaw slavery, and continued to allow lynching until the 1930s.

I was not surprised by the virulent anti-union attacks arising in several states, since I wrote a book about American fascism---The Nazi Hydra In America. In fact unless the people of Wisconsin and other states prevail we’ll be facing far worse shortly. I wrote the Hydra to serve as a warning about the dangerous slide into fascism that we were undergoing. Some of the first chapters were written nearly fifteen years ago and sound almost prophetic. I am not one to stand here and say I told you so nor do I wish to be known as a prophet. Nor did I wish to make a fortune from royalties. In that regard I made the chapters freely available on my website as each chapter was completed, the information was simply too important to withhold.

The Hydra, however, is being suppressed. In fact you can still find an article I wrote several years back after Google attempted to suppress my web traffic. Moreover my web log contained the urls for nearly every security agency of the government and military sites including one from a Texas airbase that was officially closed, but by god they had a Department of Defense computer and they returned on a weekly basis. I have personally approached all the major book chains and a couple of large independent bookstores to carry the Hydra, to no avail. In one of the large independents the employees raved about the book and one employee wanted to review it immediately after leafing through it for thirty minutes. The back cover of the book also contains the kind words of Howard Zinn, who graciously reviewed the book before release. The Hydra is available through Amazon.com or the publisher---Progressive Press and it can be ordered by your favorite bookstore.

There is one other distinguishing trait of fascism that is readily apparent today, and that is the widespread corruption. It permeates the government, especially the watchdog agencies that are now headed by industry insiders. It is widespread in the bank and financial systems to the point that the taxpayer is held liable for the fraud unleashed on us by the banks and Wall Street. But the most grievous corruption is that of the justice system, which allows war criminals like Bush, Cheney, Rummy and the rest of that corrupt regime to walk free.

Those war criminals should be hung in the Washington mall and the event televised globally so the world knows America takes care of its criminals. For those that think that is unusually harsh you have no right to criticize until you know how the scent of blood and gunpowder intermingles, lingers, and hangs in the air after a firefight. You have no right to criticize until you have watched a comrade flop across the ground because half of his brain was just splattered all over the damn jungle and the body doesn’t know it’s dead yet, as life seeps away with each convulsion. You have no right to criticize until you listened to the wheezing, gasping, coughing and the goddamn gurgling of someone with a hole in their chest the size of your damn finger.

To my countrymen outside of Wisconsin, take a good look at how the people of Wisconsin have stopped a tyrant in his tracks. To Harry Reid and the rest of the Democrats in Washington, take a look at how fourteen of your party members from the Wisconsin house have stood up to tyranny. Then grow a spine and tell the Weeping Boner and Bitchie Mitch---HELL NO WE’RE NOT PLACING THE BURDEN OF CUTTING THE DEFICIT ON THE BACKS OF THE POOR ENACT A WEALTH TAX YOU GOD DAMN DOPES.

To my countrymen -- learn to walk like an Egyptian, and we can stop this slide into fascism without bloodshed. Otherwise remember the immortal words of Pastor Niemöller. Let me warn you that if you plan on taking up arms against your country to remove the fascist beast, it will be the most agonizing and toughest decision you’ll ever make. Writing the Hydra I often wondered how the German people allowed Hitler to take power unopposed. Now I know, and my greatest fear is being a coward from waiting too long too take up arms. Maybe I have waited too long but I wish to avoid a war at all cost, so let’s give the people in the streets a chance.

The proposed Republican budget, that places the burden of easing the deficit entirely on the backs of the poor while giving full funding to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the Pentagon is absolutely abdominal in every regard to justice, civilization and morality. It cannot pass. If the Republicans shut down the government get off your ass people and walk like an Egyptian and take this country back from the damn crazies.