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Rx for the body politic - E-democracy, not Shutdown over Obamacare

Author bio: 
John Leonard

 In the beginning was greed.

Decades ago, when the debate was about whether we could afford Medicaid or "socialized medicine", I was saying it's a supply-side problem. Yet there is still no cure for that in sight.
The AMA makes it way too difficult to become a doctor. They know a scarce supply raises the price. So every MD in America gets a greed-given right to be a millionaire. Yes, the US has one of the lowest ratios of doctors per capita in the world. 


Author bio: 
Ethan Indigo Smith

 Edward Snowden, Patriot against Oligarchical Collectivism, Shows How to Fight Back

    Surely the Ed Snowdens of the world all ask themselves at one point or another, in one way or another however exactly phrased, ‘what is patriotism?’  Sometimes little questions turn into very big contemplations.  Occasionally simply asking the time is a very big deal.  Today, ‘what is patriotism?’ is one such question. 

Homo Electus

Author bio: 
John Leonard

Being a conspiracist and all that, I was more than bemused to see this cross my screen: arch-neo-con candidates for the nation's highest office touting covert assassination capabilities on network TV!

Ballot Measures for the Occupiers of the Streets

Author bio: 
Glen Yeadon

This correspondence is directed to occupiers everywhere. I wish you all the success possible, failure is unthinkable as it will result in a hot revolution or a fascist police state every bit as brutal as Nazi Germany. You have proved the success of your occupying of public space now is the time you branch out. Some Occupiers have already taken the upper hand on this and have launch strikes and to occupying foreclosed homes.
I would like to suggest another avenue to take in branching out. A avenue that will endear you to the public and help expand the Occupy movement.

NDAA, Habeas Corpus, and Human Rights for Citizens Only?

Author bio: 
John Leonard

A lot is being posted now about how the NDAA is stripping US citizens of their constitutional rights.

It's being debated whether the indefinite detention provision applies to US citizens or not.

Well I'd like to ask, isn't that a red herring?

Why should it be constitutional to deprive non-citizens of their liberty without due process?

Is it OK to torture people who don't have American passports?

Are we talking about human rights or citizen rights?

Belgian, Italian Christmas Massacres: Reprise of Norway, Gladio Rides Again

Author bio: 
Richard Cottrell

A confused and probably mindless individual has just been charged by the Belgian authorities with killing five people and injuring another 122 at a traditional Christmas street fair in the city of Liege. The man, purportedly armed with a powerful automatic rifle, first mounted a staging platform that gave him a perfect view of Saint-Lambert square, packed as usual with seasonal gift-buyers.

Did the UK just leave the EU? Bilderberg decided six months ago that she’s in forever

Author bio: 
Richard Cottrell

One of the things that one learns from any deep immersion in the affairs of the European Union is the power of theatrics.

Margaret Thatcher used to play them marvelously. “I want my money back,” she would holler back in the early 1980s, on the grounds that the UK overpaid for membership of the Euro Club, compared to the other big shots like France and Germany.

She got a long running refund, or rebate as it is formally known, which staggers on to this day.

Spaghetti Politics: Slippery Silvio isn't finished yet

Author bio: 
Richard Cottrell

This being Italy, it will be a long time before the spaghetti finally unravels and Silvio Berlusconi actually does throw in the keys. Technically, he is not required by the constitution to resign. What he lost on Tuesday was his face, not his job. Ten deputies abstained on a minor piece of legislation connected to the austerity bill which has begun its ponderous course through parliament.

Slimball Romney, Foreclosure, The Holiday Association and a Plea For the Occupiers.

Author bio: 
Glen Yeadon

A couple of weeks ago we were treated to another segment of the hilarious comedy God Help US, although the network promoted it as the Republican presidential debate. There was nothing presidential about it, hell, dog catcher was beyond the reach of these pathological sociopaths and calling it a debate was simply a lie. It was more like a food fight amongst a bunch of punch drunk chimpanzees.

Sixteen things Libyans will never see again

Deborah Dupre wrote at http://www.examiner.com/human-rights-in-national/sixteen-things-libyans-...

Recently, 1.7 million Libyans demonstrated in favor of Gaddafi because their human rights have been respected more so than most nations, including NATO countries.  Below are sixteen reasons the Libyans favored Gaddafi, sixteen rights Libyans had before NATO destroyed most of the oil-rich nation, sixteen ways the quality of life in Libya was ultra-high, all hidden by mainstream news but not by Disinfo.com that provided the list.

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