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Numbers of the Gods

Unlocking the Secret Science of the Druids
Author name: 
Sylvain Tristan

Monuments like the Pyramids or Stonehenge let us wonder: Were the ancients more advanced than we realize? In Numbers of the Gods, Sylvain Tristan “does the math” and finds fascinating answers. Yes, the Bronze Age had its own superb astronomers, who already knew the exact dimensions of our Earth, Sun and Moon, and that our planet rotates around the Sun, thousands of years BC.
New discoveries prove that Celtic Druids and their predecessors used an amazingly precise and unified 366-degree geometry and astronomy to measure space and time. Many key sites of antiquity follow this geometry, from Babylon to Teotihuacán to the Great Pyramid of Giza. Stranger still, Druidic Initiates — perhaps in the highest ranks of Freemasonry — have discreetly continued to use their geometry in siting cities like Paris, Washington DC, and modern architectural monuments worldwide.
Strangest and most awe-inspiring of all, the “magic numbers” of the Druids — 366, 40 and 10 — may be encrypted in the dimensions of the solar system, the physics of our universe and the biology of the human species, as if they were the signature of a Great Architect. The revolutionary evidence in this book is easy to check, the interpretation is limited only by your imagination!

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