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Bishop Romney and the Mormon Takeover of America: Polygamy, Theocracy and Subversion
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Webster Griffin Tarpley

Researcher warns against the horrors of Mormonism.

Tarpley reveals that Mormonism, Mitt Romney's tradition, is not actually a religion but a synthetic ideology sponsored by British intelligence, as part of their campaign of covert warfare against the United States.

The first Civil War took place in 1857 when the Mormons in Utah attempted to secede. Utah was selected as a strategic location which would break the United States in two between east and west.

The Romney family later moved to Mexico to avoid the ban on polygamy in the US.

To their credit most Americans believe in religious tolerance and separation of church and state. They find it unseemly to attack a candidate based on his religion. However, Mormonism is not actually a religion but a subversive political party that has donned the disguise of a religion for protection.
Even if it is a religion, a Mormon should not be holding high political and ecclesiastical offices at the same time.

Mitt Romney's loyalties are first and foremost to the Mormon cult, which is also fundamentally Zionist. Romney and Netanyahu are old friends.

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