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Nov. 14, 2009. Analysis by Webster G. Tarpley

Veteran analyst of false flag terror Webster Tarpley identifies the markers of a government-staged terrorist action in the Ft. Hood slayings on Guy Fawkes Day, Nov. 5th. The suspect had a security clearance; the exercise was viewed by those present as a drill; there were multiple shooters; the bizarre link to Virginia Tech, alma mater of berserk shooter Cho; and the likely patsy Hasan showed signs of brainwashing-induced psychosis.

Major Hasan of Fort Hood: A Patsy in a Drill Gone Live?   (HTML)     (Word.doc)     (Adobe pdf)    (Youtube)

December 26, 2009. Tarpley on Russia Today: Xmas Panty Bomber an Obvious Patsy in CIA Ploy for Yemen War.

Mar. 31-Apr. 3, 2010: Kevin Barrett on West Coast Book Tour. Videocast here.