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ISIS is US now in paperback

Monday, October 10, 2016
John-Paul Leonard

 ISIS IS US: The Shocking Truth tells the real story

Have you wondered why  "we" are losing the "war on terror"? Or how Russia took out more ISIS targets in a few days than the US coalition in two years?
Then this is the book for you.
"ISIS IS US" explains what's really behind the rise of ISIS. Why the mess in the Middle East is no failure, it’s the result of a "divide and chaos" policy.
A panel of authors tells the incredible story with impeccable references. The strategy, the motive and the historical background, are all here.
You'll see why the wars on Iraq, Libya and Syria were not for democracy, but to break them into quarreling mini-states: divide and rule.
Read about how the US occupation in Iraq set up Sunni and Shiite death squads to carry out ethnic cleansing campaigns, like Nicaragua in the 1980’s. ISIS was born from these terror brigades.
First ISIS was sent to topple Gaddafi in Libya. Fake stories of regime massacres civilians were used to get the UN to OK a no-fly zone. US airstrikes then decided the conflict for the terror brigades.
In Syria, mercenaries and snipers carried out random killings, which the US embedded media pinned on Assad, trying to get another UN green light for a NATO bombing campaign.
And last but not least, who benefits from the bloodshed.
An absolutely eye-opening book.