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New World Order In Action

Tuesday, November 8, 2016
Takis Fotopoulos

New work by Takis Fotopoulos now in print

The long-awaited first volume of The New World Order in Action by Takis Fotopoulos is now in print. 

Vol. 1 is subtitled Globalization, the Brexit Revolution and the "Left"

It may be purchased here: http://progressivepress.com/book-listing/new-world-order-action

In a Recent review Kevin Clarion says it is  "the most important book to be published this year."


This major three-volume project aims to cover all aspects of the New World Order (NWO) of neoliberal globalization, which is shown to be not simply a conspiracy, nor the product of the actions of some ‘shock doctors’. In fact, both the military and the economic violence used against the peoples in the Middle East and Europe, with millions of people as its victims, aimed at the full integration of every country in the world into this new order, which implied the phasing out of their economic and national sovereignty.
The rise of the NWO and the role of the Transnational Elite, that is, the network of the economic and political elites mainly based in G7 countries which administers it, are examined in the first volume. Furthermore, the mythology used by the elites about sovereignty and the multipolar world are considered, as well as the corresponding mythology of the globalist “Left”, i.e. the present Left which is fully integrated into the new order, in relation to its consequent political bankruptcy. It is shown that it was this failure of the Left, which is the ultimate cause of the rise of a neo-nationalist movement in Europe but also in USA, which, in turn, was embraced by most of the victims of globalization, particularly the working class, which used to support the Left. The first volume concludes with the imperative need for a struggle for national as well as social liberation, whose aim would be the creation of a new international community of sovereign and self-reliant peoples. This would be also the precondition for any systemic change that would lead to a new form of internationalism inspired by the principles of solidarity and mutual aid, rather than the catastrophic principles of competitiveness and profit-making, as at present.
In the following volumes it will be shown how the use of economic and military violence in the Middle East and Europe was successfully used for the full integration into the NWO of Iraq, Libya, Syria, as well as Ukraine and Greece.

A second edition of this volume is coming soon with a post-election chapter analyzing the popular rejection of machine politics and globalism, which led to the Trump victory.