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Tarpley on Romney at Press Club

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

on What to Expect from Mormon Mitt 

 See Press Release at http://tarpley.net/2012/10/29/tarpley-to-address-mcclendon-group-national-press-club/

What makes Webster so unique is that he insists upon reporting all the facts, regardless of how awkward either side of the political spectrum considers them.

For our session he will be addressing the facts he is publishing in his latest book. These facts include the little known history of Mormonism as it is traced to Britain. He also reveals Mitt Romney's political genealogy and what it holds in prospect for the future of our nation.

You will find most of Webster's information in this regard to be startling and all of it to be true. You will also find that none of it has been reported in the major media.

So plan to be with us to hear some of the most unreported truth from a series of unbiased sources that our speaker will reference.

We look forward to seeing you for this most timely session...

...and please remember to bring a friend!

John Edward Hurley, Chairman



Who: Webster Tarpley, Author, Journalist, Commentator

What: Mormonism & Mitt -- What We Can Expect

When: Wednesday, October 31st, 7 p.m. (dinner with the speaker at 6:30 p.m.)

Where: National Press Club, McClendon Room

Free parking after 5 pm with National Press Club dinner validation of your parking receipt at the PMI Garage on G St. NW (between 13th & 14th streets, NW).


Webster Griffin Tarpley is the author of the just-released book "Just Too Weird: Bishop Romney and the Mormon Takeover of America: Polygamy, Theocracy, and Subversion," published Oct. 2012 by ProgressivePress.com, available in print and ebook formats. He is also the author of two critical works on Barack Obama, "Obama: the Postmodern Coup" and "Barack H. Obama: The Unauthorized Biography." A historian and veteran political analyst, he is perfectly placed to identify candidate Romney as the greater evil, revealing the ruthless deceit and contempt for American values of the Romney tradition.


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