9/11 and NWO

F. William Engdahl, international bestselling author and strategic analyst, discusses the as yet...

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Oct 14 2018 : All Call it FAKEBOOK!

FAKEBOOK and NITWITTER shut down 800 alt media...

Sep 26 2017 : Revealed: US supports ISIS-SDF alliance against Syria

US gives ISIS orders in Deir Ezzor...

Aug 24 2017 : Yandex 3, Google 0

 Google search suppresses Progressive Press...

All 12 Tarpley DVDs

FTAN Facing the Truth about 9/11 with Webster Tarpley, Author of 9/11 Synthetic Terror, and Barrie Zwicker Seattle, April 2006.
IRV Tarpley at the Justice & Freedom Conference What Really Happened on 9/11? Irvine, Calif., March 2007 (Scheduled presentation)
IRVN Tarpley at the Justice & Freedom Conference What Really Happened on 9/11? March 2007 (Special evening presentation)
ISPY C-Span BookTV April 2012. Tarpley debates scoffer Jonathan Kay and Neo-Con David Frum at the International Spy Museum
LANY Two Audiovisual Presentations by W G Tarpley. 1. LA Citizens’ Grand Jury, 10/23/04. 2. NYC, 9/11 Truth Key to Stop WWIII, 1/15/05.
NCON2 American Scholars Symposium, 6/26/04, Los Angeles, 9/11 & the NeoCon Agenda #2 of 4 Webster G Tarpley 1:16, Charlie Sheen, Alex Jones 1:28, Jimmy Walter 0:37, Prof Steven Jones 2:04.)
PERL Webster Griffin Tarpley, Historian, in San Diego on 7/7/2007. Presenting Lecture and Slide show: Pearl Harbor Revisited.
WBC Webster Griffin Tarpley Understanding the Dynamics of 9/11 Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference June 22-24, 2007. 2’ 48”
WGT4 Four Webster Tarpley Lectures. 1. San Francisco 9/11 Inquiry 3/04. 2. Washington DC. 3. Lafayette Park, DC. 4. Toronto, 5/04.
WSD Webster Griffin Tarpley, San Diego, 7/8/2007, Lecture and Slide show: 9/11 & Current Political Situation.
WTAZ Webster Griffin Tarpley, Author of 9/11 Synthetic Terror, at the 9/11 Accountability Conference Chandler Arizona, Feb. 2007
WZMS 1. Barrie Zwicker; 2. Webster Tarpley, at 3rd Place Books; Seattle, April 11, 2006. 3. Marlin Hathaway’s Social Justice DVD.

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