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Daraya Massacre - Addounia Transcript

Daraya Massacre Transcript

(latest False Flag Subversive Act from the FSA - Aug. 25, 2012, tailor made for mainstream media war propaganda -- but of course it turns out to be another Big Lie from the big liars FSA+MSM.)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPzKIkNepyo (click on CC for captions)

Addounia's channel news bulletin showing first hand images of Darayya Massacre.
Announcer: Syrian Arab Army units chasing remnanats of armed terrorist gangs in Razi Orchards area, Damascus,
and in Darayya and Douma cities in Damascus countryside. Addounia reporter confirmed eliminating a large number of terrorists and arresting others, some of different nationalities, and confiscating a sum of weapons and munitions.

Woman Reporter in flak jacket: As we do every time we enter an area where terrorists practiced what they do best: criminality, killing... all in the name of freedom.
Civilians, as you can see, victims are everywhere, I'm becoming speechless in describing what I see.
But this is their ideology, this is how they think, I leave you with the scenes.
(scenes of shot civilians who bled to death - a man at wheel of his truck, a man on a bicycle, a woman crumpled on the ground)

Here, there's a lady still alive (awaiting the ambulance) we'll ask her what happened?
Wounded lady: I don't know, I was going to Damascus, with my husband and children... suddenly I found myself like this... hit...
Q. Who hit you?
A. I couldn't tell, I don't know where are my children.
Q. You don't know where are your husband & children?
A. My husband works in State Security.
Q. Where are they now?
A. I don't know, I had 2 boys and a girl, Wassim, Wissam and Weeam... I'm from al Halabi family, my children are from al Qahwaji family (2 large Damascus families btw)
Q. You don't know who did this to you or what they did to you? Can you remember?
A. I can't remember a thing. I can only recall I was hit.
(Soldiers arrive with a stretcher and lift her onto it and move off.)

Another lady:
We don't  know where we're going. They expelled us from our houses claiming security forces are coming to kill us, once we reached here (with security forces) we felt safe, I swear...
Q. Who told you security (forces) are coming to kill you? Tell us who?
A. I can't tell, they were all men with weapons, they told us to leave our houses, security (forces) are coming.
When security (forces) saw us, may God protect them, they brought us a car and are taking us to our homes.
Q. There are people trying to ruin the Syrian Arab Army's image, you're seeing before you.
After dealing with them, tell us what did you see from them? (the Syrian Army)
A. I swear we only saw all good, I swear, they rescued us, protected us, took us to our homes, brought us a car.

(A group of men, one of them is speaking):
Man, excited: We were hiding in the shelter from bullets sounds, yesterday armed gangs came here... they forced us to go into shelters... they said there are clashes, I ran from my home for 3 days now.
(holding his tears) I don't know where is my family, our women where are they?
When we came to the shelter (today) they came and told us the Army has come, we were relieved.
They (terrorists) took us upstairs (earlier), they took our ID's, when they saw mine they made me stand at a wall aside... they sent us inside a room when we heard sounds of bullets, when we tried to return to the shelter, the women were crying loud, when we went upstairs we saw all the (other) men were dead.
Yesterday we were in the shelter only hearing sounds of bullets.
We don't know them, they came from there (pointing), look that's their exploded car there...
Another excited man (pulling his own hair in frustration): We are not daring to get out.. Please get rid of them... our children are on the streets we don't know where. Some childrens in the basements, they're not eating, they're not able to use the toilet. Just get rid of them!!

Another man (crying, addressing listening soldiers) Just please relief us from them.
Woman reporter: This is Daraya after terrorists entered it and wreaked havoc and devastation. (scenes of destruction, dead civilians in pools of their own blood in the streets). We are still here entering with the Syrian Arab Army to document terrorists crimes against Syrians. Here the mother martyred, the children are still alive. God bless all Syrian martyrs.
(asks child) Q. Who is this next to you?
Child: My mother.
Q. Where were you going? You know what happened?
Child. No.

(scenes of soldiers carrying wounded children to ambulances)

(Woman reporter to camera) Q. For who and by whose orders and in whose interest? (Shaking finger) This is to whom finances terrorism in Syria.
We saw years ago Muhammad Al Durra & the Zionists snipe him & kill him, and today here in Syria we see Muhammad Al Durra all over with his mother and family... We pray for mercy upon all martyrs of Syria.(Soldiers raise the dead body of a woman who kneeled over trying to protect her baby from gunfire with her body, but the baby was killed too)

Soldier (holding the dead child, angrily to camera) They're killing women and children in cold blood, let all the world see...

Man on street: It was from 2nd day of Eid holiday, we were in our homes, some were able to go to shelters, we were able to go to shelters, some were not able to take to the shelters. Now the security (forces) came in now it's getting better.. Now we are able to get out..
Q. What was happening?
A. We were seeing people, most are not from Darayya, we see armed men wandering the streets, we weren't able to get out.
Q. What did they want?
A. We have no idea, they just ask us to get into houses. Who cracks the doors to see, if they know him they'll leave him be, otherwise they shoot him.

Woman (with sister, holding small child in back seat of car) These armed gangs for 4 days they harassed us, so we ran away out of our homes. This morning we called they told us the Army came, so immediately we came back knowing it's safe.

Man:  The army is protecting us, protecting our children, protecting our country.
Q. Anybody forcing you to say that.
A. (smiles) No, I swear, this is my own words.
Q. Some claim we force you to say such things.
A. No way, we came down (to the street) by ourselves, nobody forced us.
Another man: No, no, no.
A third man: What we feel in our hearts we said, nobody forced us at all.

Soldier: We’ll exterminate all terror on the land of Syria, we won't leave, God willing, any terrorist.
To secure the safety of our Syrian people, this is our task.

Soldier: While confronting the terrorist groups we discovered this 'holocaust", the terrorists burned all non-Syrian member's bodies. Here there are 8 or 9 bodies, we were told there are about 40 bodies were burned to cover their identities. There are some bodies they didn't have time to burn, Pakistanis, Afghanis, Hungarians, 2 black Africans...

(change of scene) Woman reporter to small group of male residents.
Q: Tell us what's going on?
A. We've witnessed 3-4 indescribable days.
Q: Like what?
Man: A: Terrorist gangs, cars, shooting... we didn't go out, look at us...

Woman reporter: We're still in Darayya, we came in with the Syrian Arab Army to document the crimes committed by terrorists, here in this entrance, scenes we apologize to show but we have to.
Here in this place we should expose those terrorists, a whole family was liquidated here... by field execution style, see here, a whole family executed this style. (dead, bloody bodies lying around entrance and hallway of home)
Soldier: While we were chasing the terrorists we found these executed because they didn't agree to their devastation & killing. They just label them as informants, they considered them informants because they disagreed the killing and devastation of public and  private properties.. You saw the bodies on the street, this is the freedom they want.

(in front of a church)
Woman reporteer: In Lady Sakina's shrine in Darayya some of the families expelled by the terrorists.
Woman: They make us run saying it's the army... but the army didn't do a thing, God will punish us if we lie.
Man: We only felt safe when the Syrian Arab Army came, may God protect you... Hopefully things will be restored.

Woman reporter (outdoors) We're still with the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), we came from Darayya city to the Darayya farms, accompanying the SAA in cleansing the land from remnants of the terrorists.
(Dead terrorists, their ID cards. Going through fields)
Soldier: Here there's an anti-tank mine... works by pressure...
Woman reporter: also here's a stolen car with a Doshka machine gun. Among items found by the SAA is this C-4 high explosive, it's the same material used with the explosions we witnessed, also batteries and fuses (someone opens can).

(Street on edge of town, soldiers exchanging fire with terrorists on outskirts)
Woman Reporter: The Syrian Arab Army came under fire & sniping by terrorists positioned on the borders of Darayya farms. We're almost at the end of the borders, they're handling the last remnants of the terrorists as we see now.
(Scenes of soldiers moving cautiously through an alley. Of people embracing soldiers. End.)