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Webster Tarpley's talk show World Crisis Radio is now broadcast on the Genesis World Report on GCNLive Free Internet Streaming Radio, Saturdays, 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm Eastern (1-3 Central, 11-1 Pacific), all 4 networks. Now available on demand until next show.
Webster is also a frequent contributor on the Russia Today television channel, the midday news on KPFK-Pacifica Radio Los Angeles, as well as a weekly guest on Chris Condon's "Counter Intel" program on KPFK, Sundays 9-10 a.m.
Webster Tarpley is also on the Jeff Rense show the first or second Wednesday of every month on, Network 3.
He is also frequently on the Alex Jones show , Dr Bill Deagle's Nutrimedical Report, and Paula Gloria's "Farther Down the Rabbit Hole" on MNN-TV, the Manhattan Neighborhood Network.
See also for Tarpley's latest activist actions, and his newly redesigned website.

Jeff Grupp is author of Corporatism, Telescreen, Telementation, more forthcoming works, and a DVD. He has his own show, the Antimatter Radio Show, daily at 11 a.m. ET. It streams for 24 hours after the show. Archived here. See also Jeff Grupp's Youtube channel. Jeff is the co-host of Don't Tread On Me, with Big John Lipscomb, M-F 8 pm EST, which can be listened to at or Jeff is also on the Dr. Bill Deagle show for an hour every Friday afternoon. He is frequently a guest or co-host on The Power Hour.

Archives of Power Hour shows are at Podcasts of recent shows stream for about two weeks after the show.

Kevin Barrett. author of Truth Jihad, now has two new radio shows!
Fair and Balanced with Kevin Barrett
airs every Tuesday, 9-10 a.m. Pacific (noon - 1 p.m. Eastern) at Pacifica affiliate  Previously broadcast shows are archived here free.
Truth Jihad Radio
airs every Saturday, 3-5 p.m. Pacific (6-8 pm Eastern) at the exciting new (post-) patriot network American Freedom Radio.  Previously broadcast shows are archived here free. Radiodujour's Archive of some of Kevin's best shows.
Kevin's radio page and schedule blog. Calendar of Kevin's Public Lectures on 9/11: In html format, pdf format or Word format. As of August 2007.

Webster Tarpley's page on 9/11 Blogger.   Kevin Barrett's page on 9/11 Blogger. Kevin's videoclips at   Webster on Google videos   Kevin on Google videos   Webster on YouTube   Kevin on YouTube
Kevin Barrett's radio show schedule: Kevin Barrett's Radio Shows, Media Appearances, Lectures and Events

To book an author for an interview, please call publisher John-Paul Leonard, (760) 366-3695.


July 7th, on the fifth anniversary of the London Tube Bombings, four Progressive Press authors and the publisher in a lively exchange of views on the question, Why won't Muslim media in the West support 9/11 and 7/7 Truth? With Nick Kollerstrom (Terror on the Tube), David Livingstone (Terrorism and the Illuminati), David Aossey (Instruments of the State) and host Kevin Barrett (Truth Jihad) on, archived at -- commercial-free Pacifica Radio. (You may need to turn off radio to listen to the archive.)
July 14th, Kevin Barrett speaking in London on Debunking the War on Terror
July 25th, Jeff Grupp on Connecting the Light

June 19th, 12 noon ET: Jeff Grupp on The Temple of Health.

May 10th, 1 pm ET, Webster Tarpley on the Thom Hartmann Show, rated the top progressive talk radio show in America. And at 3 pm ET: Webster Tarpley on The Bill Deagle Show. Also May 10th, Nick Kollerstrom on Jim Fetzer's show.
May 11th, 2 pm ET, Webster Tarpley on the Alex Jones show.
May 22nd, 10 pm ET (7-11 pm Pacific), JP Leonard on Amerika Now.

April 3rd, 10 am ET: Jeff Grupp on The Bruce Collins Show.
April 7th, 7 pm MT, Jeff Grupp on Jim Fetzer's show, The Raw Deal.

March 2nd, Henry Makow, author of Illuminati and Cruel Hoax, on the Power Hour, 8 am CT, and Jeff Grupp on Don't Tread on Me, 7-9 pm CT..
March 3rd,
Nicholas Kollerstrom on the Iranian TV channel IRNN, the Islamic Republic News Network. Glen Yeadon, author of Nazi Hydra, on Jeff Grupp's Antimatter Radio Show.
Jeff Grupp March appearancea: March 6th, on the Bruce Collins Show. March 13th, on Freedomizer Radio. March 16th, on Radio Liberty and on Crash: Are You Ready? March 22nd Monday, 7-9 EST on Freedomizer Radio again.

February 5th, Nick Kollerstrom, author of Terror on the Tube, with Kevin Barrett on
February 6th
, Jeff Grupp on The Edge A.M. with host Daniel Ott, 8 pm ET, talking about Corporatism and his new DVD.
February 8th, Ethan, author of The Patriot Guide, and Glen Yeadon, author of Nazi Hydra, on The Power Hour.
February 18th, Webster Tarpley on Russia Today: the Dalai Lama and the covert war on China.

January 21st, John-Paul Leonard on Jim Fetzer's radio show "The Real Deal."
Jan. 24th, Press Release by Ethan and John-Paul Leonard, "Supreme Court-porate Opinion Blesses Corruporate Campaign Financing"
Jan. 28th and 29th, Glen Yeadon (Nazi Hydra) and Ethan (Patriot Guide) on Tyranny Busters Radio.
Jan. 29th, Marc Estrin (Skulk) on INN Report talking about the furore over his blog unmasking top Obama aide's CoIntelPro plans.


December 3rd, Nick Kollerstrom on "The Real Deal" with Jim Fetzer of

November 3rd, Webster Tarpley video on Russia Today: Obama and British SAS involvement in rendition, on RT again, via Youtube, Nov. 5th, CIA sentenced to 118 years for kidnapping in Italy on orders of Rice and Tenet -- explosive story!
Nov. 4th, Jeff Grupp on Militia Radio.
November 5th, Guy Fawkes Day, Webster Tarpley and Nick Kollerstrom, author of Terror on the Tube, on Jeff Rense Show, 10 pm CST.
Nov. 7, Nick Kollerstrom on Kevin Barrett's show at 6 p.m. CST.
Nov. 10, Nick Kollerstrom interviewed on IRINN TV, the Iranian State TV, at 11 a.m. GMT.
Nov. 16, Ethan, author of Complete Patriot's to Oligarchical Collectivism, interviewed on the Power Hour at 8 a.m. CST, followed by JP Leonard's report on Meerloo's classic Rape of the Mind at 9:30 a.m. CST.
Nov. 17, Nick Kollerstrom interview on the Power Hour at 8 a.m. CST.
Nov. 17, Webster Tarpley on the Alex Jones show, 3-4 pm ET.
Nov. 18, Webster Tarpley on Russia Today, gives motives why CIA and Blackwater bombed Peshawar market: US policy to provoke civil war in Pakistan to prevent it becoming an energy corridor between Iran and China. (A fact-filled 3 minutes).
Nov. 19, Webster Tarpley on the Alex Jones show, 2-3 pm ET.
Nov. 19, Nick Kollerstrom interview on Edge Media / Sky TV in the UK, 8-9 p.m. GMT.
Nov. 20, Jeff Grupp on the Power Hour, talking on his new book, Telementation: Cosmic Feeling and the Law of Attraction.
Nov. 24, Webster Tarpley on the Power Hour, 9 a.m. CT, with his analyses of Hasan the Ft. Hood Patsy, and CIA terror bombings in Pakistan.
Nov. 24, Nick Kollerstrom and JP Leonard on Kevin Barrett's show, on commercial-free Pacifica affiliate, 11 a.m. CT.Archived here.
Nov. 25, Jeff Grupp on RadioLiberty, 7 pm ET..

September-October. Webster Tarpley spent two weeks speaking and meeting in Iceland to intervene in the debt crisis there.
Oct. 19th, Webster on Russia Today: CIA, MI6 behind bombing in Iranian Baluchistan. On RT again Oct. 25, exposing role of CIA-MI6 in terror bombing in Iran. Oct. 28, Anna Baltzer, author of Witness in Palestine, together with Mustafa Barghouti, make a big splash on The Daily Show -- see video here.

August 5th, Webster Tarpley on Russia Today: "The dollar’s role as the world's main currency is over and its future is unstable."

June, Webster Tarpley. Webster was a speaker at the Conspiracy Conference in California on June 6-7. On Alex Jones radio show, 1 hour on June 2, almost 3 hours on June 25. June 15, taped answers for KPFK Los Angeles on Iran color revolution coup, and was on one hour with Joyce Riley on Power Hour. June 18th on Mancow Muller morning show from Chicago. June 23rd on Russia Today, 11 minute interview, repeated 12 times during day: Is Obama a Wall Street Project?

May 5th, debut of Jeff Grupp's Antimatter radio show on BBS.

May, Glen Yeadon, author of Nazi Hydra, is a guest on Michael Rivero's What Really Happened radio show on May 2nd, and on the Erskine Show (Vancouver, Canada) on May 9th, 9-11 a.m. PDT.

March-April: Glen Yeadon, author of The Nazi Hydra in America, is on the Scooter McGee program, Wed. March 25, 8pm PDT and on the Jeff Farias show, April 1st, 4pm PDT.

March 19, Jeff Grupp, author of Corporatism, has a rousing appearance on the Alex Jones show,
quickly attracting thousands of viewers on Youtube. Prof. Grupp is a frequent guest on Dr. Deagle's talk show, the Nutrimedical Report.

Ten of Webster Tarpley's conference videos are now on sale here.
So where did the time go since last May? Just been too busy I guess!


May 1, Webster Tarpley on CLOUT with Richard Greene on Air America, 9-11 pm ET, and on Jeff Rense.
May 9, Webster Tarpley on the Power Hour, 9 am ET; and interviewed on Radio Populare Milano today.

Apr. 21 and Apr. 26, Webster Tarpley will be guest of Kevin Barrett. Mon., Apr. 21, 5 pm CT on GCN Live and Sat., Apr. 26, 7 pm CT on RBN. Sure to be very interesting and enlightening interchanges, with two of the brightest progressives around -- each with his own slant on the current scene.
Apr. 22 Webster Tarpley on Jack Blood Deadline Live from 4:30 - 6 pm ET explaining how the new Left CIA soft coup over the levers of power in the USA has changed all the rules, the neo-cons are out and cold warrior Brzezinski is back in the saddle, with Obama as Trojan Horse.
Apr. 18-19 Webster Tarpley on Radio Milano and on the Bill Deagle show.
Apr. 18 John Leonard is guest of Kevin Barrett on Dynamic Duo in tribute to slain Palestinian Children's Welfare Fund activist Riad Elsohl Hamad. In the second hour we unmasked Lebanon's Cedars Revolution as a Zionist front when we found its spokesmen on the board of an NGO with Daniel Pipes, the Zionist Joe Goebbels, and PNAC founder Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy. Webster Tarpley has written in his new book, Obama: the Postmodern Coup, that the Cedars were a CIA-sponsored color revolution or people power coup.
Apr. 1st Webster Tarpley had a long interview today with BBC Radio on the 7/7/2005 London bombings.
Apr. 2: on Toronto Radio CFRB with Richard Sayret and again on the Dynamic Duo show with Jim Fetzer on

Mar. 3rd Webster Tarpley is the guest of Joyce Riley and Dave von Kleist on The Power Hour, 9 a.m. ET. Topic: Stopping the Brzezinski-Obama postmodern coup.

Feb. 9th Kevin Barrett hosts Webster Tarpley on his Truth Jihad Radio show on to discuss the Obama-Brzezinski campaign threat. Listen to archive here.
Feb. 5th Webster Tarpley will be the guest of Keidi Obi Awadu on the LIB Radio Network (Living in Black) of Los Angeles, Tuesday Feb. 5 at 9 AM Pacific time (12 noon Eastern).

Webster has been a frequent guest on the Jeff Rense show lately on GCNlive, on Dec. 28; Jan. 7th, 15th, and 23rd; and Feb. 6th. He has been reporting on the financial crisis and the primary battles, particularly with his exposé of B. Obama's backers: Cold Warrior Z. Brzezinski for more war, Wall Street and Skull-n-Bones types for more privations for the American people. 10 pm - 1 am ET,, Network 3.


Dec. 17-20th, Webster Tarpley is speaker at Open Source Intelligence conference, "Multinational Information Sharing Summit," organized by

Nov. 5th-20th, Webster Tarpley tours UK, Italy and France for False Flag Terror awareness events, kicks off on Guy Fawkes Day in London.

Oct. 25th, Webster Tarpley on Pacifica NY WBAI, 8:30 - 11 pm ET.
Oct. 23rd, Webster Tarpley on Jeff Rense show, 8 - 10 pm PT.
Oct. 22nd, John Leonard with Kevin Barrett and Sherry Clark on Carol Brouillet's radio show on WTPRN, 8 pm Pacific. Archived.
Oct. 20th, Webster Tarpley is key speaker at the conference in Montreal, "9/11/2001, Let the Truth Be Exposed."
Archive of his talk show beforehand on Toronto station CKLN, listen to archive, (entitled "How to Stop World War Three for Free - Important stuff, Oui?") Bush threatens Putin with WW3.
Oct. 15th, John Leonard on Toronto station CKLN, archived.

Sept. 11th, Webster Tarpley organizing at Lafayette Park, Washington DC, White House protest rally.
Sept. 9th, 11th, Kevin Barrett at Mainstreaming 9/11 Truth Conference, Cooper Union, NYC, speaking on "Religious Communities and Universities: Gateways to the Mainstream?"
Sept. 9th, 10th, Webster Tarpley speaks at the Let's Make History 2007 event sponsored by in NYC.
Sept. 8, 9th, Webster Tarpley speaks at the "Ready for Mainstream" event at Cooper Union, NYC.

On or around Aug. 20th, Webster Tarpley in one-hour segment on The History Channel, 9 a.m. ET.
Also scheduled for Aug. 20th, Webster Tarpley on speaking on the current panic in world financial markets.
/b>, Tarpley on Jack Stockwell show on KTLK Salt Lake City 7-8 am MT.
Aug. 1st, Tarpley is guest on Kevin Barrett's Dynamic Duo show on GCNLive.

Two major articles by Tarpley posted on Rense and widely on the Web: "Cheney Determined To Strike In US With WMD This Summer," on July 21, and "Helicopter Ben Unleashes Dollar Hyperinflation" on Aug. 12.

July 31st, "a major 2-hour broadcast on one of the ships of the line for progressive radio, WBAI in New York City... The first hour of the program consists of a wide-ranging discussion with Tarpley on False Flag terror, Cheney’s backers, and action on 9/11/07 taking place in NYC and Washington, DC. Some good discussion on Tarpley’s latest article, which has been picked up by literally thousands of websites." - 911 Blogger, Archived.
July 29th, Webster Tarpley on Israeli National Radio.
July 18th and 19th, Webster Tarpley on KPFK-Los Angeles Midday News, first day commenting on the "National Intelligence Estimate" on "Al-Qaeda," second on Russia's expulsion of four UK "diplomats."
July 7-8th weekend, Webster Tarpley is exclusive speaker at an event in San Diego organized by San Diego 9/11 Truth.
July 4th, Philadelphia Emergency Anti-War Convention a big success, adopts Webster Tarpley's platform. Over 300 attending, most of them delegates from a wide array of activist organizations.

June 27th, Webster Tarpley is the guest on Bonnie Faulkner's Guns & Butter talk show on KPFA-Pacifica Radio SF Bay Area, announcing the July 4th Philadelphia Emergency Anti-War Convention. Archived.
June 22-24th, Tarpley and Barrett are speaking at the 9/11 Truth conference in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Kevin Barrett will also be the emcee.

Mon. May 14th, 11 pm to 1 am Eastern, Webster Tarpley on Rense, commenting on Truth Squads.
Fri., May 11th. W. G. Tarpley records 2 and a half hour shows with Paul Gloria for Manhattan Neighborhood Network TV. On Jack Blood from 3:30-4 pm Eastern. Recorded interview for
Wed., May 9th, Webster Tarpley plays gladiator to the Fox News Circus of Hannity & Colmes. Watch the fact-packed 6 minute video.
On his radio show, Thurs., May 10th, hear Webster's fascinating comments on the Fox News segment, and how such media breakthroughs flow from Truth Squad tactics.
May 4th, and June 4th, Prof. Jeff Grupp on Dr. Deagle's Nutrimedical show on GCNLive.
May 4th, Webster Tarpley is the weekly featured speaker (by telephone) at Faremondo e Gruppo Eventi Culturali del Dopolavoro Ferroviario di Bologna.

April 16, Webster Tarpley on the Virginia Tech massacre.
April 14-15th, Webster Tarpley speaking at the Project for a New American Citizen conference at U of Texas, Austin, "Rebuilding America's Senses".

March 17th, Webster Tarpley speaking at 9/11 Truth event with Kevin Ryan and Michael Berger, Colfax Auditorium, South Bend, Indiana.
March 9-11, Webster Tarpley and Kevin Barrett are scheduled speakers at the 2007 Justice and Freedom Conference at the Freedom Law School in Irvine, Orange County, Calif.

Feb. 23-25, Kevin Barrett and W. G. Tarpley speak at the Arizona 9/11 Truth conference in Chandler, AZ. Webster's presentation part 1. See 33 minute mark for How to Beat the Odds with 9/11 Truth Squads. P art 2 with Q&A. Webster in panel discussion. Buy the complete set on DVD, Best of the AZ Conference.
Feb. 12, Webster Tarpley on the Alex Jones show, 2 pm ET.

Jan. 26-28, Kevin Barrett in Ann Arbor. 9/11 Truth Film Marathon noon-6 pm Friday at the Friends Meeting House. Friday 7 p.m., book signing at Motte & Bailey Booksellers. Saturday 2 p.m., book signing at Borders. Sunday, 6:30 p.m., speaker with Kevin Ryan and Bob Bowman at "Stop the War on Truth/911 and our Civil Rights" event in Michigan Union Ballroom.
Jan. 26-27 W.G. Tarpley calls for activists to vitalize the United for Peace March on Washington with the 9/11 Truth message. See the website. Showing of Terror Storm at Busboys & Poets 11 p.m. Sat. Jan. 27.
Sat., Jan. 20th, W. G. Tarpley in Dover, NH with Jason King of Boston 9/11 Truth giving training to New England 9/11 truth squads against Giuliani, McCain, Hillary and Co. Dover Friends Meeting House. See for details.
Jan. 5th, W. G. Tarpley on Alex Jones, 1:30 - 2:10, main topic Gerald Ford and predictions for 2007.
Jan. 4th, W. G. Tarpley on Rense, 7-9 pm PT, and on KPFK midday news, topic: Negroponte.
Jan. 4th, W. G. Tarpley on KPFA, Guns and Butter with Bonnie Faulkner, topic: Ford and Watergate.


Dec. 25th, W. G. Tarpley on MNN with Paula Gloria, topic: Bush and schizophrenia. Dec. 19th, Kevin Barrett for the second time on the O'Reilly Factor (see wikipedia). Kevin was also the subject of O'Reilly manu-factored attacks on Oct. 11th and July 11th. On July 10th he was on Fox News Hannity & Colmes -- see Kevin Outfoxes Hannity & Colmes, when he retorted that Sean Hannity should not be allowed to spew his venom on the airwaves. The full transcript is in his book, Truth Jihad.
Sat., Dec. 16th, anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, Kevin Barrett and other "Injuns" will dump the 9/11 Omission report in the harbor along with an effigy of Bill O'Reilly - read all about it at!

Nov. 22nd, CNN broadcasts a fairly sympathetic story about Kevin Barrett on Anderson Cooper 360. The clip was posted to YouTube where it became the most popular video of the week with around 20,000 views. Anderson Cooper show.
Webster and Kevin on Nov. 11, our two activist authors in all-day Saturday symposium near Washington DC, along with Wayne Madsen, Michael Springmann, and Daniel Abrahamson. Tarpley made an important statement on political strategy for the 9/11 Truth Movement: civility and diversity in discussion, united front in action. 9/11 Truth is the only thing that can stop the war on Iran, so set aside sectarian differences and focus our fire. Event presented by Report at 9/ Remember, remember the elfth of November...
Nov. 8th, day after the elections, Tarpley on KPFK Pacifica Radio mid-day news with his analysis of the results, and why Robert Gates should be rejected as successor to Rumsfeld. Again on the Rense show from 10-12 p.m. ET - how Gates presided as CIA Director over the creation of Al Qaeda, and the Iran-Iraq war; party realignment, role of 911 truth with 86% 911 skeptics in NYT poll. Also taped broadcasts for the Lenny Bloom show on the encirclement of the US army in Iraq, and of the 11/11 symposium.
Oct. 30 - Nov. 3, Webster Tarpley Week on MNN TV with Paula Gloria on the "Farther Down the Rabbit Hole" show, 11:30 a.m. ET, Mon-Fri.

Oct. 28-29 weekend, 2 to 6 pm, Kevin Barrett is speaker with Kevin Ryan and Steven Jones at U of Denver and U of Colorado, Boulder. Theme: The Science of 9/11, the Suppression of Dissent, and a Nation in Crisis: Scholars for 9/11 Truth Come to Colorado. Report at 9/
Oct. 26th, 6 to 9 pm, Kevin Barrett is the speaker at an event at University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh on academic freedom and 9/11 Truth.
Oct. 26th Webster Tarpley and Amazon book reviewer Robert Steele on the Alex Jones show, Robert at 1 to 2 pm ET and Webster from 2 to 3 pm.
Oct. 23rd, Webster on Jack Stockwell's big CNN talk show KTKK in Salt Lake, 7-9 am MT
Sat., Oct. 21st, Prof. Kevin Barrett hosting Prof Jim Fetzer's RBN show, 6-8 pm CT, with guest Eric Larsen, author of A Nation Gone Blind, archive here. Also this day Kevin got into the Madison WI finals in a talent search for Air America's next new host. Listen to his inspired rant here. Kevin is a brilliant host and we wish him all the luck!
Sat, Oct. 14th Webster Tarpley on RBNLive with 9/11 Truth Candidates from Vermont, followed by Kevin Barrett interviewing author John Kaminsky.
Fri., Oct. 13th Webster Tarpley will be taped by the Red Ice Radio team from Sweden for later broadcast.
Oct. 5th, our author Kevin Barrett and Jim Fetzer face their adversaries, two empty chairs at the U of Madison Wisconsin, as Official Conspiracy Theorists shy away from the fray. Oh my Gosh, Oshkosh, you got to do better as debaters! See Debate
Oct. 1st, Kevin Barrett and Jim Fetzer at event in Madison WI (short text, audio). Kevin's remarks. Photo: Veterans for 9/11 Truth present Kevin with a check for $8,480 for the U. of Wisconsin to compensate a vindictive County Board action cutting the Uni budget by the amount of Kevin's teaching pay.

Fri., Sept. 29, Kevin Barrett, author of our forthcoming book Truth Jihad, archived on Dan Abrahamson's RBNLive Show, and again next Friday, Oct. 6th, 1:15 to 2 pm CT live.
Sept. 27, Webster Tarpley on "A Closer Look" with host Michael Corbin on KHNC talk radio in Denver.
9/11/06, Webster Tarpley on WBAI and KPFK reporting from Europe. John Leonard is speaker on 9/11 Truth panel in San Diego. Prepared text.   Audio files.
Sept. 7, Webster Tarpley on new talk show on WTPS-AM, Radio One Miami
Sept. '06, Webster on European tour to five cities where he speaks the language: Berlin, Basel, Bologna, Dublin, Paris. Video interview of Webster in French.

Aug. 11, Webster Tarpley on Liberty Radio with Dr. Stan Monteith at 7pm, 2nd of 3 programs.
Aug. 10, Webster Tarpley two hours on the Power Hour, half hour on Alex Jones.
Aug. 8, Webster Tarpley on talk show KTLK, Utah, 8-9 a.m. MT.
Aug. 7, Webster Tarpley 9 to 10 am ET on Wisconsin Public radio with author Fenster of a book on conspiracies, 10 to 11 am with Stan Monteith on Radio Liberty
Aug. 3, Webster Tarpley on Air America with Mike Malloy, replay Sat. Aug. 5. Archived.
Aug. 3, Webster Tarpley on Radio Liberty and Power Hour.

July 29-Aug. 1. CSPAN 1 airs panel with Webster Tarpley and other 911 celebrities four times. A hard-hitting, "dam-breaking" event, and most-watched program in C-Span's history!
July 23rd, Sun. Webster Tarpley speaks at DC911Truth event, at City Hall, Takoma Park MD, 2 pm.
July 21, Kevin Barrett on 9/11 on WISC-TV (CBS). Called "Best 9/11 Interview ever." Buy the DVD, only $7.

July 19th, Wed. Webster Tarpley on WPFW Pacifica Radio 89.3 FM, Washington, DC, Wednesday 9-10:00 p.m., Hispanic Collective with Osvaldo Cursi. Also taped 15" public service announcement for MNN TV.
July 18th, Tues. Webster on Jeff Rense, 10-12 p.m. EST.
July 17th, Mon. Webster on Alex Jones Show with Jack Blood, 1-3 p.m. EST.
July 17th, Mon. Webster Tarpley on Alan Steinfeld's New Realities program on Cable TV, Ch. 57 on Time Warner in Manhattan, or 109 RCN on MNN TV.
July 10th. Webster Tarpley with Greg Palast on Alex Jones Show.
July 9th, Sun. Webster on Pacifica Radio WBAI NYC with Sally O'Brien, about the absurd fake plot to blow up Holland Tunnel and sink Manhattan (laws of physics defied again), and again Sun. July 16th, on the danger of an Israeli false flag operation in Lebanon.
July 5th and 12th, Wednesday. Webster Tarpley on MNN TV, 9-10 am EDT, Cable Ch. 67 in NYC and internet simulcast.

June 2006 was marked by two of the biggest 9/11 truth conferences to date, both in relatively new territory, Chicago and Los Angeles. Webster Tarpley was a keynote speaker at both events, and did video interviews with over a dozen cable TV producers at the two events, plus half a dozen following the MNN / Concordia media event in NYC.
As for radio, Tarpley was on the Jeff Rense and John Stadtmiller shows, on KUCI in Southern California, and on Idaho stations. Glen Yeadon was also on the John Stadtmiller show.

Since March 11, Webster Tarpley has his own radio show on RBN Live, every Saturday from 5 to 7 pm Eastern Time (see below). Here are Latest Transcripts, including Thierry Meyssan and Morgan Reynolds, May 27th, and Audio Archives of all shows from March 11th to date.
Guest List: 3/11, Gerhard Wisnewski. 3/18, Phil Berg. 3/25, Nico Haupt and Dr. Jeff "Plaguepuppy" King. 4/1, Andreas von Buelow. 4/8, David Shayler. 4/15, Jim Fetzer. 4/22, Thierry Meyssan. 4/29, Maurizio Blondet. 5/6, Gabriel Day and Janice Matthews. 5/13, Craig Hill and Bruce Marshall. 6/3, report from Chicago 9/11 symposium, with Ian Woods. 6/10, Ralph Schoenman. 6/17, Alex Jones. 7/9, Joan Mellen. 7/15, Prof. Steven Jones. 7/22, Kevin Barrett.
Webster's guest on Aug. 12th was Barrie Zwicker. A partial transcript of Barrie's remarks was posted at, about his new book Towers of Deception and summarizing his critique of Noam Chomsky.

Wed. May 31 Webster Tarpley, 10 a.m. - 12 noon on the Zeph Report. Zeph also has archived several recent shows with Webster.
Tuesday, May 30, 9-11 a.m. EDT, Webster T. on KTTK's Jack Stockwell Show in Utah, online at
May 28, W.G.Tarpley taping show for the late Sherman Skolnick's with Lenny Bloom, which may be broadcast May 29. And on May 29 he is taping a show for MNN cable TV, to be shown soon.
Monday, May 22nd, Webster Tarpley two hours on Alex Jones Show - see archives.
Wed., May 24th, Glen Yeadon, author of Nazi Hydra, also one hour on Alex Jones, archive.

Saturday, May 20th, 2006, "Talking Stick" TV show, 7:00 PM Channel 77, Seattle and live on the web at Second hour may be shown same time next week, May 27th. It's a DVD of the talk by Webster Tarpley author of "9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA" given April 1, 2006 at the forum "Facing the Truth about 9/11" held at the U. of Washington HUB Auditorium before an enthusiastic crowd. Buy it on DVD - double feature with Barrie Zwicker, only $6.

Wed., May 3rd, and May 24th, Webster call-in on MNN again. (See press release). May 4th and 5th on KPFK Mid-Day News with comments on Moussaoui trial and on Porter Goss, again on May 11th with comments on London State Terror and Cover-up on 7/7/2005. Friday May 12th on the Zeph Report.

Tarpley speaking in Washington DC April 24, Burlington VT April 26-27.
Wednesday, April 12, 1-2 pm EDT. Webster on MNN Cable TV, Manhattan Neighborhood Network show "Farther Down the Rabbithole." Also every Thursday night/Fri a.m. on Lenny Bloom's
Monday, April 10. Webster on Jack Blood show on Genesis network, 12:30-2 p.m. EDT. Archives on subscription. Spoke about the CFR public declaration of preemptive nuclear primacy. Jack Blood said Wall Street has its pundits, but the pundit of the American people is Webster Tarpley.
Saturday, March 18. Second week of World Crisis Radio with Webster Tarpley and 9/11 RICO lawsuit attorney Phil Berg. See press release here or at PRWEB for show topics and more details of March 11th show.
Rough transcript of March 18th show. Press section (press releases)

March 11, 2006. Webster Tarpley debuts his own weekly talk show WORLD CRISIS RADIO on Republic Broadcasting Network, Saturdays from 4 to 6 pm Eastern Time (1 to 3 PST).
The first show was an inspiring performance - and it can be played or downloaded from show archives.
The format is an intelligence overview in the first hour, giving the background story behind the news. Tarpley interprets the death of Slobodan Milosevic in his jail cell as a warning to Russia in geopolitical context.
Tarpley emphasized that the 9/11 lie will continue to be the issue of choice and the only grip on their power base for the Bush-Cheney regime, and blowing open 9/11 truth remains the only hope honest conservatives and liberals have of stopping the wars on freedom at home and on innocents in the Middle East.
The second hour is a guest interview - today 9/11 author and film-maker Gerhard Wisnewski shared unique and valuable perspectives from his experiences and his research on "phantom terrorists" - the RAF. He was the only producer ever to bring a 9/11 exposé onto prime-time network TV; he and his team were subsequently fired due to immense political pressure on the station, and the film was never shown again.
See also press release.
Next week's guest: Phil Berg, the lawyer suing the 9/11 criminals of the Bush regime via a RICO racketeering lawsuit. Next week's topics may include Japan ending its interest-free lending support of the world dollar dictatorship; the Moussaoui trial; and the Iran war build-up.

March 9. Tarpley with Zeph Daniel, The Zeph Report,, archived.
March 7. Tarpley on KPFK (Pacifica Los Angeles) with News Director Fernando Velazquez interviewed about the Moussaoui trial in Arlington VA. Tarpley noted that if the regime is going to execute people like their patsy for not spilling the beans before 9/11, they need to start with their mole Daniel Frasca, whom they promoted at the FBI after 9/11.
Feb. 24th, John Leonard on the Jim Hogue show on WGDR in Vermont; Webster Tarpley on March 3, topic: Able Danger, the terrorist controllers.
Feb. 13, three hours - Webster Tarpley on Jeff Rense: Mohammed Drawings and War with Iran. On bittorrent at Conspiracy Central. There are at least a dozen of his shows archived there. This Rense show also at Torrentspy and

Webster on the Web: A web crawl turned up these audiovideo archives of Webster Tarpley:
Plague Puppy's Video Archive Cloak and Dagger, 1/19/06, 1/26/06, and 8/18/05; at 9/11 inquiry, San Francisco, March 2004.
An 18-minute video clip from that speech, "Deconstructing the 9/11 Myth," also at Propaganda Matrix. Jan. 30 with Alex Jones Short video excerpt from his speech at the event on 9/11/04 at the Manhattan Center Ballroom.
Article archive on Rense also has archives of shows with Webster, subscription $5.95 / mo.

Webster Tarpley on Jack Blood (Jan. 27) and Alex Jones (Jan. 30) on Iran, nuclear drills, "bin Laden" tape and other hot topics: see press releases.
Webster's weekly show on Cloak and Dagger continues.

In the 2nd half of 2005 once again I can't keep up with all Webster Tarpley's many radio appearances, but we will try to write them up again as time allows. Webster is on Cloak and Dagger with Lenny Bloom and Sherman Skolnick weekly now. A special treat was his Guy Fawkes Day special on Nov. 5th, and we've prepared a transcript for you. Very illuminating as always.

Webster is a frequent guest on Jack Blood's Deadline Live show. Here is a transcript from his Sept. 6, 2005 interview with Jack Blood, where they give the lowdown on the 1993 WTC bombing.

Sept. 25th, Webster in teach-in on the mall in Washington DC.

Oct. 12, Webster with Jerry Quayle on KPFK, Pacifica Radio in Los Angeles.

Oct. 5th, Webster talks 3 hours with Keidi Awadu on, Los Angeles, and the clocks the highest number of listeners they have ever had. Also on Oct. 5th, Webster on the Meria Heller show.
Meria Heller has archived her five interviews with W. G. Tarpley on her site, see synopses at

Oct. 23, Webster on Iranian TV with Saeed Behami. Also in October, Webster on Israeli National Radio.

Sat., July 2. Mike Raffety, producer of The Morning Show on KZLA, is taping William Cox for a pilot of a new progressive radio show called "The Church of Democracy with Mike & Marks."

Wednesday, June 29th. Webster Tarpley is back from the Jimmy Walter 9/11 Europe Tour and is invited on the Jeff Rense Show to report on tour highlights. The interview is archived at and here: WGT-Rense-911EuroTour.mp3.

Sunday, May 22nd, WBAI- Pacific Radio in New York will air an interview with Webster Tarpley on their news program.

Thursday, May 12th, Webster Tarpley will be on the Jeff Rense show ( from 8-10 p.m. PDT, and is also expected on the Jack Blood Show on or around this same date.

I couldn't keep up with all Webster Tarpley's radio appearances the last few months, but on Apr. 6th and Apr. 20th, he gave an excellent overview of 9/11 Synthetic Terror on Pacifica's Bonnie Faulkner's Guns and Butter. An ear-opener! Listen hear: Archived on KPFA Two one-hour shows: transcripts of the first hour or here and second hour here. There are some real gems in Bonnie's archive, by the way.

Also had your publisher (John Leonard) on Feb. 2nd and Webster on Feb. 11th.

Greg Felton, author of Enemies by Design: Jan. 28 interview with World Productions, archived on Indymedia.


Nov. 8, Monday. 3:30 to 5 p.m. EST. Webster Tarpley on the Jack Blood Show, streaming and syndicated.

Nov. 8, Monday. Anton Chaitkin on Wing TV. Anton is co-author of the Unauthorized Biography of George Bush.

Nov. 7, Sunday, Webster Tarpley on WBAI Pacifica streaming radio in NYC with Sally O'Brien during their fund drive on vote fraud. Webster Tarpley will be broadcasting each Thursday at 9 p.m. Eastern on Cloak & Dagger Archived: e.g. Oct 28th show The Crash of '29

Nov. 4, Thursday, 2 a.m. PST. Webster Tarpley on, round table with Eben Ray, Sherman Skolnick and American Free Press, more on vote fraud.

Nov. 3, Wednesday. 9 p.m. PST. Webster Tarpley on talking about covert ops, vote fraud, the new stolen election

Nov. 1, All Saints - Day of the Dead and Election / Selection or Ejection Eve.
Webster Tarpley on the Meria Heller show,
HOT! FREE ARCHIVE THE WEEK OF NOV. 1 - NOV. 5 - Click on Recent Show - A 90-minute gem!

Oct. 28th. WBAI Pacifica radio in NYC and online, 8-12 p.m. EST. Webster spoke four spellbinding hours on subjects like the complaint delivered by 9/11 survivors to NY attorney general Spitzer.

Oct. 22-25,
Webster flew out to speak at the 911TruthLA conference in... L.A., and ... NORange County.
A 25-member grand jury was formed in Los Angeles, which voted for most of the platform of the IITC or Independent International Truth Commission on 9/11, proposed by Webster Tarpley along the lines of the Bertrand Russell War Crimes Tribunal.

Oct. 20, Wednesday morning.
Webster is being interviewed from 9-11 a.m. EDT by Keidi Awadu of Black Star Media from Ebonywood Califa! tune in to - Living in Black

again again, Webster Wednesday evening / late to midnite back on the Big RENSE show, that's Oct. 20th, 8 to 10 Pacific = 11 PM to 1 AM Eastern.

Webster Tarpley 10-11 p.m. Eastern Time on   Spyman Canada Internet streaming radio.

Sept. 9 Webster recorded 2 hrs. with Eben Ray of KPFK 90.7 FM in Los Angeles -- was broadcast from
2 to 4 am PDT (pacific darknight time) in the night of Wednesday to Thursday Sept 9th on KPFK streaming radio and hopefully also archived at

Date to be arranged
Greg Felton will be on local radio in Vancouver (CKBD) with host Rafe Mair.

Sept. 2 Webster Tarpley on Jeff Rense radio show on Sept. 2 Thursday evening, from 7 to 9 pm PDT =
10 to midnight EDT. Jeff broadcasts on major affiliates like KABZ & KFAB. This is a big show and
we got a lot of requests for Webster's book even though it is not out yet.

Sept. 1
Greg Felton, author of the forthcoming book Enemies by Design: Inventing the War on Terrorism, which
includes a biography of Osama bin Laden and chapters on the "zionization of America."
Wednesday, Sept. 1, at 9 a.m. Pacific Time on the Jeff Blankfort show

Aug. 29
Webster Tarpley, author of the forthcoming book 9/11 Synthetic Terror and of recent warnings
of Bush regime plans to suspend elections by a staged terror attack. Lenny Bloom and Sherman
Skolnick broadcast the interview on Sun Aug 29, 9 to 10 pm EDT. Should be in archive.

June 16.
Webster Tarpley on the Meria Heller show. "a fast paced, informative, matter-of-fact interview" .

6/16/04 - Meria With Webster Tarpley on Bush/Terrorism/Fear The co-author of "George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography" joins me to discuss the fear and terror the Neo-Cons have created in America and the World and their underlying reasons behind it. Webster has a great article out now "Rogue Bush Backers Prepare Super 9-11 False Flag Terror Attacks" at; you can read his books for FREE online at; Discussed: the alliance of the Bush Family and Neo-Cons since Bush was with the CIA; The Bush/Hinckley Family connection/collusion during the attempt on Ronald Reagan's life; Nazi Connections of Prescott Bush; Murders under George HW Bush; the administrative fascism in America since the 90s; the "official" story on 9/11 as untenable; Spain's Aznar and the 3/11 Madrid attack and the panic D.C. felt afterwards; The presupposed MOLES in the U.S. Govt conducting a coverup of 9/11 and the myth of Bin Laden; Why the constant drumbeat of terror under George W; Will martial law FREEZE this group into power if an October surprise is pulled? What about Congress? The many reasons for war in Iraq; Webster says the CIA, Skull & Bones, Neo-Cons, Wall Street factions took over the U.S.; MOLES & Patsies; Will there be a military coup against the neo-cons? Richard Clarke IS Mr. Secret Government (no hero); The desperation of the neo-cons as it all falls apart and what they are capable of; Webster believes the high treason on a grand scale in U.S. comes from the private sector; and so much more. This is a fast paced, informative, matter-of-fact interview you won't want to miss.

Mar. 4
Webster Tarpley, sensation of the March 2004 9/11 Inquiry conference, on Sue Supriano’s Steppin’ Out of Babylon show on KPFA in the SF Bay Area.
29 minute MP3 audio (13 MB) Download and Listen!

Overview: Webster Tarpley on the Sue Supriano show, March 4, 2004

... Webster Tarpley wrote "The Unauthorized Biography of George W. Bush" in 1992. It sold out 25,000 copies right away and has been downloaded from the internet by millions of readers since. You can still read it on the internet. It's an underground classic. In it he writes about the connections Bush family and the Nazi movement back in the 1920's and 1930's. Prescott Bush, George W's grandfather, was a member of the Board of Directors of and stockholder with the Bank that was the principal financier of Hitler. He gives many more details in this interview. This information is important to know, Tarpley says, so we can know what we are dealing with now. He then talks about the official story of what happened on 911 and the questions about it that exist. He offers people a conceptual scheme, based on lots of research and knowledge of past operations, to think about "terrorism" and how it's used, how covert operations work-- separating the "moles" from the "patsies" from the actual professional killers. He has 14 points which are serious questions, not being asked by the Official 911 Commission, about Sept. 11. Some of them are-- 1) why didn't planes go up to stop the planes going into the buildings 2) were the buildings controlled demolitions 3) why was the Islamic world blamed with virtually no evidence 4) what explains the drive toward a totalitarian state 5) what happened to 40 floor building 7 6) what hit the Pentagon 7) Who are the Sept. 11 criminals??-- and more. Tarpley proposes an independent international truth commission similar to the Bertrand Russell Vietnam Tribunal of 1966-'67. It will be made up of famous and non-famous people who have presentations, information and who examine the evidence by international judges. He's working on getting that set up by Aug. or Sept. of 2004, probably outside of the US since many distinguised researchers and activists would not be allowed in the U.S...

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