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Ukraine: The Attack on Russia and the Eurasian Union

Struggle against the World Order of Neoliberal Globalization
Author bio: 
Takis Fotopoulos

Scheduled for release in 2016.
See the article by Takis Fotopoulos on Pravda.ru. It gives a sampling of his ideas on the crises in Ukraine and the Middle East.   english.pravda.ru/opinion/columnists/30-07-2014/128159-massacres_palestine_east_ukraine-0/  

And later articles published in Pravda

Aug 5, 2014  "The Zionist Brutalization Within the New World Order," english.pravda.ru/hotspots/conflicts/05-08-2014/128219-zionist_brutalization-0/

Aug 18, "The Russian embargo and the Ukrainian 'coup from below'"  english.pravda.ru/russia/economics/18-08-2014/128295-russian_embargo-0/

Sept. 1, "Russia, the Eurasian Union and the Transnational Elite" english.pravda.ru/opinion/columnists/01-09-2014/128414-russia_eurasian_union-0/

Sept. 10, "NATO and planned 'chaos' in the NWO"  english.pravda.ru/world/europe/10-09-2014/128496-nato_chaos-0/

Pravda article clarifying what is the "NWO," reprinted in Global Research, see www.progressivepress.com/blog-entry/melange Oct. 31, 2014 entry

Further articles by Takis Fotopoulos in Pravda.ru Fotopoulos is now almost a regular columnist there

12/8/14 Takis is glad that his latest Pravda piece on the empire's economic warfare against Russia has been picked up by Global Research and here and even called viral and unique by one website that follows such things: www.viralnewschart.com/ShowLink.aspx

12/15/14 Takis Fotopoulos in Pravda: What is the NWO? It is the TNC's- Transnational Corporations who run the world, manned by the TE's, the transnational elites, who agree on one thing: expansion of the anglo-zionist neoliberal system to every corner of the globe. 

Book: Table of Contents

The New World Order of neoliberal globalization and the struggle against it


1.Neoliberal Globalization and the New World Order
The evidence on globalization as a new phenomenon
The emergence of the Transnational Elite
Why capitalist globalization can only be neoliberal
New World Order and world government

2. The intellectual bankruptcy of the Left on globalization
The intellectual failure of the Left on the significance of globalization
Political implications of Left’s failure:
a) Ignoring the role of the transnational elite
b) The myth of inter-imperialist conflicts
c) The Transnational Elite’s wars in the NWO and the role of ‘new’ NATO


3. Greece: integration into the NWO through the European Union
The Greek ‘catastrophe’
The EU as a mechanism to transfer surplus from its “South” to its “North”
The disorienting role of the Left on EU integration:
a) The degenerate “Left” on the Greek crisis
b) The SYRIZA kind of degenerate “Left”: full integration into the EU
c) Die Linke kind of degenerate “Left”: exit from the Eurozone only
d) Conclusions on the disorienting role of the degenerate ‘Left’
Italy, Greece and the Transnational Elite

4. Ukraine: Integration into the NWO through a ‘coup d’état from below’
The Ukrainian “revolution”: a ‘coup d’état from below’
The role of ‘Pravy Sektor’ or when fascists are sometimes good for the West!
The lessons from Ukraine
Is Ukraine the catalyst for the end of the New World Order?


5. The antiglobalization movement and the myth of the New Age of resistance
The antiglobalization movement and the degenerate “Left’s” World Social Forum
Indignados, “Occupy” movements and the myth of the “New Age of Resistance”

6. Rise of a new fascism or bankruptcy of the Old Left”?
The end of the Left-Right divide in the era of globalization
Why socialist and nationalist statism are impossible in the New World Order
The new kind of nationalism in the era of globalization
Rise of a New Fascism or bankruptcy of the Old Left?
Rising fascism in Greece?
Anti-fascist fronts as a distraction from the real struggle against globalization

7. The imperative need for popular fronts for national and social liberation
The meaning of occupation in the New World Order and the fight against it
Why a front for social and national liberation
The popular front as a means of effective struggle
The aims of Popular Front Government


8. The significance of the Eurasian Union as a means of ending the NWO
EU vs. the Eurasian Union
The attack against Ukraine was an attack against the Eurasian Union

9. The conditions for the end of the NWO
A unipolar world market vs a bi-polar world?
Necessary conditions for the end of the NWO: a self-reliant Russia
Sufficient conditions for the end of the NWO: a Eurasian Union of sovereign nations