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Farrell & Kollerstrom Not Dead Yet

Saturday, July 7, 2012
Nick Kollerstrom

Star in Film for 7th anniversary 7/7.

Tony Farrell and Nick Kollerstrom share their insights on 7/7, 9/11 and the problems of truth vs. the police state in this engaging 45 min documentary. 
Also starring the redoubtable Belinda McKenzie, with a bit part for Eddie, David Shayler's estranged cat. 

Nick Kollerstrom is our author of Terror on the Tube.

Tony Farrell is the British police investigator who was fired from his post for concluding that all the evidence indicated 7/7 was not carried out by the accused four young Muslims, but by MI-5 itself. As Richard Cottrell notes in the very opening of his book on Gladio,

In July 2011, a calm and studious risk-assessment analyst working for the South Yorkshire Police was summarily fired. He had filed a report with his superiors which openly contradicted the official narrative compiled by the British authorities to explain the 7/7 London Transport bombings. Tony Farrell’s allotted task was to assess the degree of risk posed by terrorism. Starting with a clean sheet, he worked to the electrifying conclusion that the London attacks were — in all probability — staged by the secret state. Furthermore, he dismissed the danger posed by Islamic extremists as virtually non-existent. Despite rigorous carpeting by his bosses, pleas, arm-twisting and threats, Farrell refused to budge. He was convinced the story of suicide bombers responsible for London’s day of infamy was a concoction of ‘monstrous lies.’ The sole purpose of the carnage on 7th July 2005 was to terrify the population to such an extent that the United Kingdom could be moved closer to a state of regimented tyranny.

The film has had 20,000 views on Youtube.